C21 Bioventures Conference Continues To Grow

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19, 2005--The IPO, investor and M&A markets are set to look more positive for biotech in 2005 than they have for a number of years. The first BioVenture Leadership session at this year's 7th Annual C21 BioVentures Conference (C21: www.techvision.com/c21), to be held from May 24 - 26 in Monterey, California, will look closely at fundraising in the private and public equity markets, and examine the types and qualities of the companies that are successful in raising money from these sources. In another session, experts will discuss the opportunities that may become available to scientists, bioscience companies, and investors in California in the coming years with the passage of Proposition 71 -- a framework for the expansion of stem cell research that was introduced in 2004. The second BioVenture Leadership session, "When to Go Public and Why," will look at the IPO window for biotech companies that has now been open for over a year. Over 30 companies have completed their offerings but many of them raised significantly less capital than was originally hoped. Bryant Fong, Principal for Burrill & Company, will chair the session: "The panel will take a look at taking a biotech company public from the perspectives of VCs, investment bankers, CEOs and the institutional buyers that buy into the IPO. Each one of these groups will be represented on the panel and will discuss why the decision was made to go public, why to price a deal if it didn't hit the original range, and how each of the groups mentioned above are affected by these various decisions."

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