BioDrop Secures Success Around the Globe

Published: Nov 29, 2012

29 November 2012: Cambridge, UK: With four innovative products for micro-volume measurement of nucleic acids and proteins in the range, the BioDrop portfolio is proving to be a winner around the globe. Consisting of the BioDrop CUVETTE and micro-volume instruments – including the BioDrop DUO, µLITE and TOUCH – the range has achieved immediate success in a number of countries around the world, including China, Korea, Iraq, USA, UK, Poland, Malaysia, and Brazil, demonstrating a requirement from life scientists all over the world for improved equipment for quick and reliable measurements of nucleic acids and proteins.

BioDrop advances current micro-volume measurement of DNA, RNA, and protein with two core technologies: an in-built sample port, and the unique micro-volume CUVETTE. The sample port delivers precise measurements and, with no moving parts, eliminates the need for calibration – unlike other micro-volume solutions.

The BioDrop µLITE features the in-built sample port and allows quick and accurate measurements down to a dsDNA detection limit of 1ng/µL.The BioDrop DUO offers versatility by combining the same, easy to load sample port with a conventional cuvette holder, which can be used with the BioDrop CUVETTE. BioDrop CUVETTE is available in two pathlengths, for a broad concentration range. A simple, robust and accurate tool for micro-volume measurement, BioDrop CUVETTE uses as little as 0.6µL of sample, this clever design uses a simple magnet to lock the two halves, and has a large sample window that allows more light through the sample, enhancing measurement performance.

The BioDrop TOUCH is a UV/Vis spectrophotometer, designed for use with micro-volume cuvettes like the BioDrop CUVETTE. A magnetic pipetting platform is built in, ideal for loading the BioDrop CUVETTE. All BioDrop instrumentation is designed to make quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins as simple as possible. An intuitive interface and a large, high resolution colour touchscreen, USB data storage and PC analysis software are all standard.

Jo Butlin, Sales and Marketing Director, says; “It’s great to see all the hard work at BioDrop resulting in global sales so quickly. As a start-up company this is an important testament to our expertise and focus, and we believe it will continue to flourish. We are confident that the whole product portfolio will enable users to move their analysis to the next level.”

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BioDrop Ltd. is a start up company based in Cambridge, UK, with an office in Shanghai, China. The company is committed to fresh thinking for micro-volume measurement.

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