BAS Research And Television Personality Montel Williams Announce California's First Medicinal Marijuana Manufacturing And Research License

Published: Nov 07, 2016

The partnership between BAS Research and Williams’ LenitivLabs will create high quality medicinal marijuana products for the California marketplace.

BERKELEY, CA – November 5, 2016 – BAS Research has announced California’s first medicinal marijuana manufacturing and research license, paving the way for production of medical-grade cannabis products.

BAS Research focuses on creating high quality medicinal marijuana products that they believe will meet the unique needs of California patients who have recommendations from their physicians for any condition for which marijuana may provide relief.

Through the newly announced license, Berkley-based BAS Research has formed a strategic partnership with television personality and high profile medical cannabis advocate Montel Williams to produce his new LenitivLabs brand of medicinal cannabis products in California.

Williams, who suffers from MS, has used medicinal cannabis to help manage his symptoms for 17 years. He is also a long-term advocate of legalizing medicinal cannabis, having worked to pass legislation in key states such as New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut and others.

“As the country trends towards greater acceptance of recreational use, I started LenitivLabs because it’s critical that we continue to meet the unique needs of medicinal cannabis patients, so the partnership with BAS was a natural one for us and one which I’m excited about,” said Williams.

The new products created through the partnership between Williams’ LenitivLabs and BAS Research will help provide doctors with high quality medicinal cannabis options for those patients whom they have determined could benefit from using medicinal cannabis. The products will be distributed to licensed and compliant California collectives.

Two of BAS Research’s co-founders, Chief Operating Officer Doug Chloupek and Chief Executive Officer Dr Bao Le, have their own successful history with medicinal cannabis, which influenced the creation of the company.

Chloupek, who has been involved in the medicinal cannabis industry for 20 years, was one of California's first recipients of medicinal cannabis in 1997. And Dr Le, whose son was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, has used medicinal cannabis products to manage the seizures and night terrors associated with his son’s condition.

“I’ve experienced the benefits of medicinal cannabis first-hand and, unfortunately, seen the effects of people, especially those with the most serious illnesses, not having access to quality-controlled products to support their medical conditions,” said Chloupek.

“BAS Research, and in particular our partnership with Montel, gives people access to independently-tested, laboratory-certified medicinal cannabis products. We will continue to push new boundaries with our research to create innovative products because we know the power medicinal cannabis has to support a wide range of medical conditions.”

Dr. Le’s passion for starting BAS Research is a personal endeavor. After learning that his youngest son is autistic, he committed his life to finding safe and holistic alternative treatment for children like him. "I am doing this for my son and to help others benefit from medicinal cannabis,” said Dr. Le

The third of the company’s trio of founders and Chief Strategy Officer, Ernie Arreola, also has a long history within the medicinal cannabis industry as the co-founder and former CEO of San Jose Collective Lux Wellness Center and as a board member of non-profits Sensible San Jose and Citizens Coalition for Patient Care.

BAS Research was founded by Arreola, Chloupek and Dr. Le – each family men with children – to provide cannabis-based products to help other families, just as they have their own.

Over the next 12 months, BAS will partner with a renowned pain, neurological, and cancer physician as well as other medical professionals to hold new cannabis product investigations. And in the near future, BAS Research will file with the appropriate organizations with the aim to launch clinical trials involving its medicinal cannabis products.

BAS Research also provides a range of services for licensed and compliant California-based collectives, including extraction and contract processing, private label manufacturing, packaging and labelling and IP formulation.

The new line of BAS Research medical products is on target to begin production in Q1 2017, pending the completion of the company’s neuropathic pain investigation studies.

BAS Research has been 100% operational and fully licensed with a permit for Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing as of June 2016.


About BAS Research

BAS Research is California’s first licensed medical cannabis manufacturing and research group, dedicated to developing breakthrough all-natural, bio-nutraceutical, pharmaceutical-grade products.

BAS Research has two core divisions. The first is BAS Meds, which focuses on new product creation and research into condition-based medicinal cannabis products. The second division, BAS Oil, partners with licensed and compliant California-based collectives to provide services for white label contract manufacturing. BAS Oil also creates proprietary cannabis formulas.

BAS Research works with a certification company "Purity Certified" to validate that all products are created in a safe and legal manner. About Montel Williams

Montel Williams is an internationally recognized celebrity and wellness advocate and the highest profile advocate of medicinal cannabis. He worked to pass legislation in key states such as New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania Connecticut.

Montel suffers from MS, and has used cannabis products to effectively manage the symptoms of MS for 17 years. He also served 22 years in two branches of military and has advocated on behalf of veterans to retain benefits in markets where medicinal cannabis is legal.

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