Balch Hill Medical Gets QTDP Grant for New IV Catheter and Vascular Access Device Development

Published: Nov 08, 2010

November 2010 -- Balch Hill Medical Group (BHMG) is a life science technology and product commercialization company founded by an experienced group of medical, scientific and business experts who have polled their expertise to identify promising technologies and bring them to the medical device and life science market. BHMG reviews dozens of projects and products each year to determine which have the potential to have a substantial market impact. When a product or project is attractive to BHMG, it will acquire or license the underlying technology and move it to market. Among the steps that BHMG will perform are

Market size and competitive analysis

Strength of the intellectual property

Public and private insurance reimbursement status and levels

Access to manufacturing

FDA approval process

Potential sales and distribution partners

International markets

Growth opportunities and exit strategies

If a technology, an idea or a product passes BHMG's intake criteria, it becomes an active Company project that will be guided through FDA approval, CE Mark approval, Medicare reimbursement, clinical trials (if necessary), marketing studies, focus groups, pre-production engineering, prototyping and sales. Using their combined experience and network of life science industry contacts, BHMG's senior team will contact established distributors, OEM manufacturers, and potential licensees at various points during the commercialization process. Often new technologies and products will be showcased at life science trade shows and medical professional meetings, or be the subject of peer-reviewed studies and papers.

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