Alliance Global Group and Biospace Lab Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Dubai, UAE, 18th July 2011, Alliance Global is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distributer agreement with BioSpace Lab. Based in Paris, France, BioSpace lab manufactures optical, autoradiography and scintigraphy imaging systems for preclinical in vivo and in vitro research applications in small animals.

BioSpace Lab’s breakthrough product; the Photon Imager is a modular system for the non-invasive detection, localization and quantification of dynamic optical signal, bioluminescence or fluorescence, in vivo in real time. Additional modules to the system expands its capabilities greatly, for example the “In Actio” module permits imaging of non anaesthetized, freely moving animals, while the “X-ray” module gives researchers all the benefits of x-ray imaging at very low dosage of direct x-rays!

BioSpace Lab also offers a number of novel tools for scintigraphy imaging including their Gamma and Beta Imager which could be supplemented with micro single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) for 3D imaging together with CT for skeletal registration.

“We are extremely excited to begin promoting BioSpace Lab’s imaging technologies in the Middle East and African Regions and believe they represent an important addition to our imaging portfolio” said AGBL’s Product Manager, Dr Laura Ingram. She continued “We hope that the ability of AGBL to offer such a comprehensive array of imaging technologies to our researchers will help to accelerate and improve research in our region”.

For more information about BioSpace Lab and Alliance Global please refer to the companies’ respective websites; and

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