3TP Imaging Sciences Introduces ProStream(TM) A Major Improvement In Prostate MRI Which Is Currently Used By Radiologists Without An Endorectal Coil

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- 3TP Imaging Sciences, an emerging medical technologies company, announces the release of a new prostate MRI product, ProStream(TM), which is powered by the Company's proprietary fTP+(TM) (Full-Time-Point) algorithm. ProStream(TM) relies on an innovative method that allows for Full-Time-Point analysis of fast dynamic contrast- enhanced series while at the same time maintaining high spatial resolution and high signal-to-noise of the images. Many leading scientists have previously found that prostate imaging requires a fast dynamic imaging protocol due to quick contrast uptake in prostate tissue and particularly in that of cancer. On the other hand, clinical diagnosis requires high spatial resolution and good signal-to-noise values. Until now, these two separate requirements have worked against each other. However, the Company's new ProStream(TM) product with fTP+(TM) simultaneously allows for high temporal and high spatial resolution of the prostate in dynamic contrast-enhanced series. The Company has filed a provisional patent covering its ProStream(TM) product.

ProStream(TM) is designed to streamline the workflow of prostate MRI. Current radiologist users point to the product's main benefit of achieving high imaging performance while streamlining image capture workflow through the elimination of the endorectal coil.

According to Andreas Muehler, President of 3TP, "The use of the endorectal coil disrupts workflow since the MR technologist must perform the added step of coil placement before the imaging process can begin. These workflow considerations alone have prompted many radiologists to avoid prostate MRI, even though a clear medical need exists. However, aside from higher scanner utilization due to the elimination of the need for coil placement, a radiology practice using our technology may avoid the cost of the disposable endorectal coil." The ProStream(TM) product compensates for the lower image resolution, which would normally result from elimination of the endorectal coil, by using a series of proprietary software algorithms to process the image data after acquisition. The fTP+(TM) algorithm creates a hybrid image series consisting of the outer k-space data taken from the high-resolution mask image of the tissue structure and the inner k-space data taken from the rapid contrast-enhanced series containing the kinetic information that drives tissue characterization. This unique approach boosts spatial resolution and signal-to-noise.

ProStream(TM) gives the radiologist a tool to evaluate the underlying physiologic parameters of prostate disease. The product's embedded fTP+(TM) algorithm analyzes contrast-enhanced MR series in order to calculate tissue permeability and extra-cellular volume fraction, two main differentiating parameters of cancer that can be considered in conjunction with morphological information usually obtained from T2-weighted images. Independent studies have shown that the combination of both morphologically- and physiologically- based methods may provide valuable insights into the status and extent of prostate disease. ProStream(TM) now enables such an approach in clinical routine use.

ProStream(TM) may be used in conjunction with T2-weighted images for reliable and robust assessment of prostate tissues. Currently, there is heightened concern over the high false-negative rate of blind prostate biopsy and the need for follow-up imaging procedures in patients whose PSA level continues to rise. As Ray Joslin, CEO of 3TP Imaging Sciences explains, "ProStream(TM) arrives to the market at a time when many radiologists and urologists recognize that the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer is in need of improvement. Prostate MRI will develop into a very valuable tool to better guide urologists toward those areas that are suspicious rather than rely on blind or ultrasound-guided biopsies alone."

About 3TP Imaging Sciences

Based in White Plains, NY, 3TP LLC is a privately-held company that designs and internationally distributes certain intellectual property in CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) and MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) software. The Company's Server2(TM) and WorkSpace(TM) software platforms are currently used to facilitate the analysis, interventional planning and reporting of breast and prostate MRI. 3TP Imaging Sciences' other platform, VTRAC(TM), is a software solution for MRA imaging with fully-automated artery and vein separation functionality that is used to facilitate the diagnosis of vascular disease. In addition, the Company is the sole distributor of Machnet breast biopsy intervention devices and magnetic resonance breast and carotid coils. The Company was founded in March of 2002 to commercialize the "3TP Method" developed by Prof. Hadassa Degani of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Company received an exclusive worldwide license to the technology applicable to all cancers throughout the body.

More information about the Company or its technology can be obtained by visiting our website at http://www.3tp.net or by calling our offices at 877-3TP-4-3TP.

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