Published Preclinical Data Demonstrate Ability of Gliknik Inc.'s Recombinant Stradomers&#0153 to Mimic Anti-Autoimmune Effect of IVIG

BALTIMORE, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Gliknik Inc., a biopharmaceuticals company creating new therapies for cancer and immune / inflammatory disorders, today announced that its stradomers have clinical therapeutic potential, based upon newly published preclinical data in models of rheumatoid arthritis and thrombocytopenia (blood platelet deficiency). The research, which is part of a collaboration with the lab of Professor Scott Strome at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, was electronically published August 20,2012 in Arthritis Research and Therapy.

Stradomers are recombinant drugs designed to mimic the efficacy of a well-known marketed drug, IVIG, a blood-derived product used clinically in more than 50 autoimmune diseases. IVIG contains antibodies gathered from tens of thousands of people and includes a small percent of antibody aggregates. Stradomers are pure, laboratory-made clusters of the Fc portion of human antibodies. Gliknik and University of Maryland scientists believe that such Fc aggregates and Fc clusters are responsible for much of the biological activity of IVIG and of stradomers in autoimmune diseases.

Importantly, stradomer Fc clusters are designed to bind extremely well to immune cell receptors in comparison with individual immunoglobulin Fc found on monoclonal antibodies. As a result, they may have higher potency in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and disorders. Because stradomers are laboratory made, whereas IVIG is produced from processed human blood pooled from many human donors, stradomers also have supply advantages versus IVIG.

"Our preclinical research results improve our understanding of the role stradomers may play in treating autoimmune diseases and highlight the importance of the binding of Fc clusters to immune cells in autoimmune disorders," said David S. Block, Gliknik President & Chief Executive Officer. "These findings support the further development of stradomers in clinical trials." Gliknik is currently advancing its lead stradomer candidate, GL-2045, into contract manufacturing for clinical studies scheduled to begin in late 2013.

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Founded in 2007, Gliknik is a biopharmaceuticals company creating new therapies for patients with cancer and immune disorders. Gliknik expertise is in modulation of the immune system to fight disease. In addition to the stradomer program for autoimmune diseases, Gliknik also has commercial rights to two cancer immunomodulator drugs that are in multiple-dose clinical trials in patients with advanced head and neck cancer and in patients with advanced multiple myeloma. Learn more at

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