Psomagen, Inc. Launches New Vaginal Microbiome Study in Recognition of National Women's Health Day

ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Psomagen Inc., a CLIA-certified laboratory and at-home testing provider, has launched a vaginal microbiome health study in recognition of National Women's Health and Fitness Day, which is celebrated each year on the last day of September.

“As a company focused on women’s health and wellness, we are proud to be made up of more than 50 percent women — the average in our industry is just 27 percent,” said Stephanie Blauwkamp, Head of Marketing at Psomagen. “Our goal is to help women take control of their health with simple at-home testing that gives them the knowledge to take proactive steps on their wellness journey.”

Approximately one in three women between the ages of 14 to 49 have an imbalance in their vaginal microbiome that could lead to discomfort and infections.

Psomagen’s move into women’s health began with The VProject, which is recruiting women aged 18 and older in the United States to participate in a vaginal microbiome research study. The VProject offers women a free personalized vaginal microbiome analysis that will reveal the potentially harmful and helpful bacteria related to overall vaginal, sexual, and reproductive health.

“Our comprehensive vaginal microbiome health test helps you understand the balance of your unique vaginal microbiome for monitoring your health and wellness on a deeper level,” said Yoon Seong Jeon Ph.D., Senior VP of R&D. “We have a big opportunity to positively affect health decisions for women and are working on a number of new initiatives that will launch later this year.”

To receive your free personalized vaginal microbiome at-home test kit visit The VProject to enroll in the study.

About Psomagen, Inc.

Psomagen, Inc., formerly Macrogen USA, delivers genetic sequencing services to the clinical, academic, and consumer markets. Psomagen’s labs are US-based and CLIA and CAP certified, which means it is accredited to perform high-quality next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, and microarray analysis. Its offerings include gut microbiome testing, genetic trait analysis, vaginal microbiome health analysis, and more. Learn more about the company’s research services at or its direct-to-consumer testing options at


Stephanie Blauwkamp
Psomagen, Inc.


Source: Psomagen, Inc.

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