Pressure for Gilead to Make a Deal Grows as Its Q4 Earnings Spook Investors

Published: Feb 08, 2017

Gilead’s hep C business is getting shredded by growing competition and discount prices. Next year the company expects to see its $14.8 billion in 2016 hep C revenue melt down to $7.5 billion to $9 billion. And the rapid disintegration is building pressure on the big biotech to finally get down to business and use its considerable financial reserves for some M&A and major dealmaking.

Of course, that’s been said before. Analysts have been urging Gilead to get ambitious on the business development side of things for the past two years. 2017, though, may prove to be a year that Gilead’s path to whipping up some excitement for its future lies almost solely in new acquisitions.

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