President Trump Option is Launched as a Low-Cost Alternative to Obamacare

Insurance and HSA Expert Ron Greiner Announces is Online and Providing Consumers with Affordable Insurance Solutions

TAMPA BAY, Fla., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- President Trump's Executive Order rescinds the unconstitutional ban on low-cost Short-Term-Medical (STM) health insurance from the Obama Administration. HHS Secretary Alex Azar on FOX News said, "Many times this new option is 1/3rd the price of Obamacare." Blue Cross Association wrote, "If short-term plans are allowed to be sold as a long-term alternative to regular health insurance, they will attract healthier consumers away from regular insurance risk pools and endanger people's access to comprehensive coverage."

Short-Term-Medical (STM) or the President Trump Option (PTO) doesn't pay for expensive alcohol or drug rehab expenses. This is a reason the insurance is less expensive. Insurance expert Ron Greiner said, "Most consumers prefer to have alcohol and drug rehab as a non-covered expense if they can save $1,500/month in family premiums. The President Trump Option (PTO) will last for a year in most states and it is the perfect tool to take the consumer from year to year between Obamacare Open Enrollments."

Another reason the PTO is less expensive is because people can use "Healthy Discounts." Ron said, "People who are diagnosed with cancer don't get "Healthy Discounts" and the lowest premiums. This is the way insurance is supposed to work; you get it before you get sick." Azar said, "Some people find the Obamacare plans unaffordable and they are shut out of the marketplace." Azar insisted, "We are talking about the 28 million forgotten men and women who do not have insurance and were promised affordable insurance. President Trump with his Executive Order demanded that we come up with solutions and options like this for affordable individual health insurance for people."

America is in crisis because of Obamacare. Obamacare has produced $50,000 family premiums for many baby boomer families in 2018. Ron said, "If your wife had cancer 15 years ago you will spend everything to maintain insurance on her. Farmer bankruptcies are up and one reason is high prices for Obamacare. Self-employed people rely on individual insurance and Obamacare is causing them great stress. Farmers are killing themselves in record numbers. Farmers take their lives at high rates - currently, higher rates than any other occupation." Ron added, "If your cancer is over 5 years old your insurability window has popped wide open and you again qualify for "Healthy Discounts" with the low-cost President Trump Option."

At a video says, "The cheapest Obamacare plan for a 30-year-old couple with 2 children in Iowa City costs $2,066/month. The President Trump Option is less than 1/8th the price, less than $260/month." Ron explains, "The Trump Administration is correct that the cost is 1/3rd the price of Obamacare but younger people can save more." Ron asks, "If families of 4 can get insurance for less than $260/month; why are Iowa City teachers charged $720/month to add one child to the school's insurance? It's because of the ridiculous over-pricing of employer-based insurance. At we provide individual insurance for this child for $71/month, less than 1/10th the price."

Greiner said, "Blue Cross Association doesn't want the President Trump Option because not only is it a low-cost alternative to Obamacare but it is also a low-cost alternative to employer-based insurance which is the Blue's cash cow. Exactly like Obamacare causes stress for farmers the President Trump Option targets stress to Blue Cross CEOs."

It is well documented that THE TEAM at trained Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary Dr. John Graham at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Individual Medical (IM), Short-Term-Medical (STM), Life Insurance and tax-free HSAs.

Greiner says, "Join the TEAM. We are appointing agents and managers in our states from Portland, ME to Portland, OR."

The HSA was passed by one vote in Congress. The TEAM supports Adam Putnam for Governor of Florida because it was his vote that created the tax-free HSA.

About the TEAM: The TEAM enrolled the USA's 1st tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) in 1996 during the Original Pilot Test of Medical Savings Accounts (MSA). The Team had the national account with 7-Eleven stores on the 1st day of MSAs and the 1st enrollee was Mike Foster. The TEAM enrolled the 1st tax-free MSA in Medicare in 2007.

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