Points Group Launches TriageTrak, Healthcare Industry Software

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Points Group, a leading strategy, branding and marketing company that specializes in healthcare, announces the launch of TriageTrak, a new patient triaging software filling medical healthcare companies' long-sought need to help better direct their patients to the right doctor and location from call centers, the front desk or their website.

The software offers a wide range of functionality for patient triaging at the point of appointment scheduling and is scalable to meet the needs of any medical healthcare company. A central database of doctors, combined with the ability to select from over 20 standard parameters and filters, helps call center and front office staff to quickly find the best healthcare provider and location for the patient. For the client website, the triaging tool uses the centralized doctor and service database and is a user-friendly, practical and efficient tool for patients to find the best choice of doctor and appointment time.

"We've been looking for a software like this for years for our clients and finally decided to develop it ourselves, since it just didn't exist," says Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner at Points Group. "One of our clients, the largest doctor-owned multi-specialty practice in the country, told us that they have not seen any other software that is so easy to use while still being able to reflect the complexities of patient triaging and scheduling."

The software was specifically developed for medical healthcare companies with multiple locations and doctors, with the flexibility to increase any number of new locations or practitioners. The triaging tool can also be integrated with existent EMR systems to further streamline any scheduling operation.

"Our TriageTrak software is a perfect add-on to any medical healthcare provider's operation and website. We are excited about the prospect of this software and how it will help our clients to improve their patient experience," says Katie Bourke, Partner and head of Business Development at Points Group.

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With almost two decades of experience, Points Group has evolved from a management consulting group to a nationally recognized, award-winning full-range marketing agency with a specialty in healthcare. Combining strategic thinking with tactical execution, Points Group helps companies to grow, market and improve their services, operations and customer or patient experience.

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