Paragon 28® Inc., Conducts the First Total Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery Utilizing Laser Alignment Technology

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Paragon 28, Inc. continues to revolutionize the Orthopedic Total Ankle Joint Replacement (TAR) market by successfully introducing the FasTrac Distal Tibia Alignment System, featuring proprietary laser technology developed to provide a precise visual reference point during component alignment, a critical step in establishing optimal implant placement during TAR procedures.

Abnormal alignment of an implant construct is reported to be a major cause of implant loosening1 and decreased postoperative function2. The FasTrac Distal Tibia Alignment System addresses the importance of implant orientation by utilizing the first and only laser alignment verification technology to ultimately guide the surgeon to the desired position.

Dr. Jason Nowak performed the first surgery with Paragon 28's laser technology in Redding California last week and stated:

"In addition to expediting and visually enhancing alignment, the System streamlines the surgical technique by eliminating the need to insert an additional pin into the tibial tubercle or conducting CT scans that may be necessary for other total ankle alignment techniques."

FasTrac is the third alignment system offered for the APEX 3D Total Ankle, complementing MAVEN PSI and the Traditional Alignment Guide. Learn more about the FasTrac Distal Tibia Alignment System with Laser Technology here.

About Paragon 28, Inc.
Paragon 28, Inc. exclusively serves the foot and ankle surgical community and is dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes by advancing the science and research behind innovative technologies. The addition of the FasTrac Distal Tibia Alignment System with Laser Technology bolsters Paragon 28's Precision Ankle Solutions product offering, which includes the MAVEN PSI System, APEX 3D Total Ankle Replacement System, Gorilla® Ankle Fracture Plating System, Silverback® Ankle Fusion Plating System, and Phantom TTC Fusion Nail Systems. With this comprehensive portfolio, Paragon 28 provides its customers innovative ankle solutions for trauma, arthritis, and limb salvage.

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1. Oswald MH, Jakob RP, Schneider E, Hoogewoud H: Radiological analysis of normal axial alignment of femur and tibia in view of total knee arthroplasty. J Arthroplasty 8:419 426, 1999
2. Rhoads DD, Noble PC, Reuben JD, Mahoney OM, Tullos HS: The effect of femoral component position on patellar tracking after total knee arthroplasty. Clin Orthop 260:43 51, 1990.

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