Opentrons Introduces Innovative, Low-Cost Wet Lab Filtration Module

Affordable Filter Removes 99.95% of 0.3 Um DNA-Containing Particulates & Biological Contaminants, Decreasing Risk of Contamination for Wet Lab Applications


BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Opentrons, the company making automation accessible for any lab, announced today the release of its innovative clean containment HEPA Module. The HEPA filtration unit transforms the Opentrons OT-2 liquid handling robot into a clean workbench for sensitive workflows, offering an effective, affordable alternative to a separate clean room.

The Opentrons HEPA Module seamlessly locks on top of the OT-2 robot, providing HEPA filtered air inside the fully enclosed OT-2 robot. Once locked in, the module removes 99.95% of 0.3 um DNA-containing particulates and biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from the air. The module significantly decreases the risk of contamination for sensitive wet lab applications like PCR and DNA / RNA amplification without needing to place the liquid handler inside a clean room. Priced at $5,000, the Opentrons HEPA Module uses a replaceable H14 HEPA filter and runs at a mere 65 decibels.

Opentrons builds affordable, accessible, and automated pipetting robots. Its easy-to-use hardware and open software platform enables biologists to automate manual lab work and empowers collaborative research for life scientists. Opentrons technology is currently helping institutions save time and money—more than 2,000 R&D labs globally use our robots, including 47 of the world's top 50 academic universities such as MIT, Oxford, and Stanford, and 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Merck, and Novartis. Opentrons robots have been used to run over 2 million COVID-19 tests in more than 100 labs across the U.S. and Europe. Recently, its easy-to-use hardware and open software platform became the cornerstone of Pandemic Response Lab (PRL), New York's first dedicated COVID testing lab.

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