ONCOdianova: The future of tumor tissue biomarkers

Hamburg, August 2018. New immunotherapies give rise to hope for a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells use immune-checkpoint-proteins to protect themselves against the attack of the immune system. Over the last few years, several immunotherapy-medication, which inhibit checkpoint-proteins, have been approved. An inhibition of those checkpoints leads to a strengthened body’s own defense against the tumor. The ONCOdianova GmbH (www.oncodianova.com), a newly founded Biotechnology Company from Hamburg, focuses on the specific analysis of immune-checkpoint-proteins in tumor tissues using antibodies. ONCOdianova has the vision to provide the best primary antibodies for the detection of immune-checkpoint-marker in the tumor tissue. The aim: To support the development of new cancer medication at the best.

According to the cancer information service experts expect around 493.600 new cases of cancer in Germany alone in 2018 [1]. For the development of suitable therapies a differentiating analysis of the endogenous processes is decisive. ONCOdianova knows this and has set up a future-oriented development concept for antibodies in the field of immuno-oncology.
Antibodies against Checkpoint-Marker enable differentiated analyses of formalin-fixed tumor tissues
The use of antibodies in tissue-based studies, apart from the detection of the marker, has another great advantage: It is possible to examine which cells are expressing the marker within the tumor or tumor microenvironment in a morphological context. Clone TG1 is the first monoclonal antibody for the immunohistochemically detection of the important checkpoint-protein TIGIT, in routine formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue. TG1 enables to identify TIGIT-proteins in the tumor “microenvironment“ and detects invading immune cells, so-called tumor-infiltrating T-cells. Examination of human tissue samples using TG1 can provide a valuable contribution to the clinical research community and tissue diagnostic, since potential medical-approaches can be better tailored to the TIGIT-mediated Tumor-immune-checkpoint.

The idea of ONCOdianova
“The idea behind our company ONCOdianova is to allow the best possible detection of Checkpoint biomarker in the tumor tissue. Our goal is to offer the best antibodies for the combined use in immunohistochemical panels”, explains ONCOdianova CEO Jürgen Frerichs. The first product, anti-TIGIT clone TG1, was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in the USA in April 2018 as well as in recent studies about TG1 by teams of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf und the University of Colorado/Denver.
The future for ONCOdianova
“We believe that new antibodies for the immunohistochemical evaluation of tumors are essential for the development of optimal diagnostic algorithms”, says Jürgen Frerichs. The Biotech-Company focus strongly on the highly complex “TIGIT-axis” which is used for interaction between various immune-checkpoint-proteins and so allows the communication between tumor and immune system. Next to the development of further TIGIT-antibody-clones, ONCOdianova also concentrates on other marker for the TIGIT-axis such as CD155, CD226, CD112 and CD112R. “We see a great diagnostic potential and believe that immunohistochemical studies of immune-checkpoint markers in tumor tissues continue to gain importance. Future medication will be adapted to patients individual needs based on these studies and could provide optimal medical treatment.”, explains Frerichs.
The homepage ONCOdianova.com shows the latest news of the development, the project progress and further background information.

[1] https://www.krebsinformationsdienst.de/grundlagen/krebsstatistiken.php

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