Oncoceutics Licenses Patent from The Scripps Research Institute For Composition of Matter of ONC201

Philadelphia, PA (August 19, 2019) – Oncoceutics, Inc., announced that it has signed an exclusive, world-wide license for US patent #10,239,877, entitled “Pharmacophore for trail induction”, from The Scripps Research Institute (“Scripps”), covering the composition of matter of ONC201 as well as other molecules in the imipridone family. This patent has been issued in the United States, has received a notice to grant in Europe, and has been filed in most major markets around the world. The earliest expiration for this patent is 2035.

The license of the composition of matter patent provides Oncoceutics with the highest level of patent protection for its lead molecule. It also resolves a “constitutional isomer issue” that arose following the publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition entitled “Pharmacophore Reassignment for Induction of the Immunosurveillance Cytokine TRAIL” in May 2014. This article pointed out that a use patent licensed by Oncoceutics in March 2014 for ONC201 detailed an incorrect chemical assignment and noted that Scripps had filed a composition of matter patent application containing the correct structure of ONC201.

Following the publication, Oncoceutics and Scripps pursued parallel patent claims that resulted in a series of issued patents for ONC201, including the composition of matter patent noted above as well as a reissuance of the original Oncoceutics patent, this time with the correct depiction of the chemical structure of the molecule. With the license of the Scripps patent, Oncoceutics now controls all of the issued and pending worldwide patents related to ONC201.

In addition to the composition of matter of ONC201, the license from Scripps also includes a series of additional molecules that share that same core structure as ONC201, named “imipridones”, and that are likely to have the same advantageous biological attributes as ONC201, including anti-cancer properties, oral bioavailability and wide therapeutic window.

“With the license from Scripps that covers composition of matter, Oncoceutics has added significant patent protection to our lead molecule,” said Martin Stogniew, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer of Oncoceutics. “We now have a total of 14 issued patents covering ONC201 and our other imipridone molecules. In addition, we have substantially grown the library of imipridones that Oncoceutics can develop in the future.”

About Oncoceutics

Oncoceutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company with a novel class of compounds, called “imipridones,” that selectively target G protein-coupled receptors for oncology. The first lead compound to emerge from this program is ONC201, an orally active small molecule DRD2 antagonist. The company is supported by grants from NCI, FDA, Musella Foundation, XCures, Cancer Commons, and a series of private and public partnerships.

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