North America Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market: Top 4 trends fueling the industry size through 2026

The North America autoimmune disease diagnostics market outlook has been receiving significant impetus from the growing adoption rate of lab automation technologies. They can reduce workload, boost accuracy, better turnaround time, and higher reproducibility across the clinical workflow.

In order to attain better outcomes, the demand for autoimmune diagnostics equipment and services has been exhibiting a rising curve in the past few years across North America. By 2026, the North America autoimmune disease diagnostics market share, driven by the impact of these factors, is expected to accrue over $6.5 billion every year.

The following four factors have been creating opportunities for the North America industry outlook:

Rising demand for detection of localized autoimmune disorders

The market share from localized autoimmune disease diagnostics segment accounted for a share of over $3.6 billion during 2019. The rapid advances in medical technology has been leading to the development of better equipment and testing methods. Since the demand for detection of celiac disease, Graves’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and other common and rare autoimmune disorders has been increasing, the market size can expand substantially by 2026.

Additionally, the government policies and plans addressing the burden of autoimmune diseases have also been playing a vital role in fueling the demand for these diagnostic tests across North America.

Increasing awareness regarding autoimmune disease

With numerous government and non-profit organization across the region taking initiatives to spread awareness regarding diseases, the North America autoimmune disease diagnostics industry outlook is likely to soar. For instance, the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) has been educating the general public on the risk factors, prevalence rate, and the sheer absence of awareness pertaining to the nature of rare autoimmune diseases and the available treatment options.

With numerous campaigns addressing these issues being launched by the AARDA and similar bodies, the gradual spread of information has been enabling individuals to be more cautious regarding their health in general and about the symptoms in particular. Such initiatives can be instrumental in boosting the industry share.

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Enhanced benefits of systemic autoimmune diagnostics

The demand for systemic autoimmune diagnostic tests has been on the rise on account of the growing incidence of autoimmune diseases across the region. With rising consciousness pertaining to the enhanced benefits of these tests, the autoimmune disease diagnostics market forecast is anticipated to pick considerable momentum.

Technological breakthroughs in the area including the emergence of ANA blood test that enable early diagnosis, have been pushing the demand for these tests across the market.

Growing disease burden in the U.S.

The U.S. market is likely to induce considerable deployment of these diagnostic tests such as ANA blood tests through the forecast timeline, owing to the growing burden of autoimmune disease amongst the population. As per the National Institute of Health, nearly 23.5 million residents of the U.S. were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease during 2017 and the figure is projected to surge rapidly in the next few years.

Beckman Coulter, Abbott Laboratories, Hemagen, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Crescendo Bioscience, Siemens, SQI, Inova, Quest Diagnostics, and Bio-Rad are some leading market players offering autoimmune disease diagnostic tests in North America.

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