Nikon Instruments Inc. Introduces The New Digital Sight L2 And U2 Series Of Camera Heads And Control Units

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon Instruments Inc., a leader in the development of advanced optical microscopy, today unveiled the Nikon Digital Sight Series of imaging control units and a new digital camera detector head. These new products are designed to allow researchers to keep pace with the explosive growth of digital imaging technology by providing a compatible product platform that delivers a total imaging solution to entry level as well as advanced research documentation projects.

"Today, we are pleased to announce the updated version of the "Nikon Digital Sight series"," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "These new products provide researchers with the most sophisticated technology available, improving on digital transfer speed, color reproduction and imaging resolution at affordable values for the most demanding digital imaging applications."

The DS-Fi1 Camera Head

Nikon's Digital Sight DS-Fi1 (5M2) camera head is designed for high- resolution brightfield and industrial applications. Fast frame rates make browsing, positioning, and focusing extremely easy. The interline CCD solid- state image sensor gives a resolution of 5.0 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output which produces high-quality images for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and color fluorescence imaging. Nikon has also added a new IR filter mounted on the camera head to increase red color sensitivity.

New Digital Controllers

Nikon's new Digital Sight DS-L2 imaging controller is a successor of the All-in-One Digital Imaging Controller DS-L1, and allows users to comfortably observe record and utilize images. The second generation DS-L2 controller features an 8.4 inch LCD (XGA) monitor and can connect to a variety of Nikon cameras including the DS-Fi1, DS-5M, Ds-5Mc, DS-2Mv, DS-2MBW, and the DS- 2MBWc. The controller also includes a DVI-I digital output for external display and is SXGA or XGA selectable. Nikon has added USB-2 connectivity and memory capability so researchers can save images to an assortment of storage media.

Nikon's new Digital Sight DS-U2 camera controller is a successor to the DS-U1. By upgrading the CPU inside the USB controller, and by redesigning the circuitry and imaging engine, the DS-U2 transmits information at more than twice the speed of the previous controller. The unit eliminates complicated and cumbersome installation by equipping both hub and mass storage USB 2.0 interfaces. The camera controller supports a variety of microscope "C" mountable cameras including, the new DS-Fi1 and DS-5M, DS-5Mc, DS-2Mv, DS- 2MBW, DS-2MBWc models.

Nikon's Digital Sight DS-L2 Camera Control System is an innovative digital imaging system for microscopy that emphasizes the ease and efficiency of an all-in-one concept, incorporating a large high resolution built-in LCD monitor in a stand-alone control unit. The system optimizes the capture of high- resolution images through straightforward menus and pre-programmed imaging modes for different observation methods. The stand-alone design offers the advantage of independent operation including image storage to a CompactFlash Card housed in the control/monitor unit, but also has the versatility of full network capabilities. Connection is possible to PCs through a USB interface, and to local area networks or the Internet via Ethernet port. Web browser support is available for live image viewing and remote camera control, and the camera control unit supports HTTP, Telnet, FTP server/client, and is DHCP compatible.

Nikon bundles its NIS-ELEMENTS F software package to allow customers to easily and comfortably observe and record microscope images immediately upon installation. For customers who require greater image analysis capability, NIS-ELEMENTS Software suite (AR/BR/D packages) provides sophisticated microscopy image analysis.

About Nikon Instruments Inc.

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