Nicole Fevrier Davis Opens New MindBody Mastery Studio and Adds Psychic Assessments and Neurofeedback to her List of Unique Fitness Training Services

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Psychic personal trainer Nicole Fevrier Davis is slated to open her new studio at 10 Roberts Lane in Ridgefield CT on May 2nd. In addition to her nutrition, exercise, spiritual counseling and healing programs, she is adding her highly unique psychic assessments and cutting edge neurofeedback protocols. Nicole believes, "All of our health goals are a part of our spiritual journey and neurofeedback has been used for years to alleviate many mental issues, including addictions. I saw its potential to help people who have food addictions or need better coping strategies for stress. The addition of neurofeedback is a game changer in fitness and weight loss arenas."

Nicole claims, "You can have the best diet and exercise regime in the world but if you haven't healed yourself of stressful situations or been able to create new neural pathways to adopt healthier habits, you will always be on the weight loss or fitness roller coaster. My readings and healings were telling me that we needed a better way to train for lifelong success."

Nicole's philosophy is based on over 25 years of experience in the healing and fitness industries. She says, "18 years ago I psychically saw lines of energy running between the brain and the internal organs of clients that had fatigue and weight issues. I realized it was about their metabolism." Nicole became a metabolic technician for Lifetime Athletic. In addition, Nicole studied metabolic imbalances with Dr. Bryan Walsh a leader in metabolic diagnosis and treatment.

Open house Thursday May 10, 4-7pm and May 11, 11-2pm. There will be equipment demonstrations, a MindBody Oracle, promotional bundled services (20%off ) and refreshments.


Nicole FĂ©vrier Davis is a psychic, Reiki Master, personal trainer, behavior specialist with NASM, and AFAA. She is also a speaker and writes for several publications (Natural Awakenings, The Journal News and eBella Magazine). Nicole is best known for her ability to blend "the science of wellness with the language of our souls." As a mind body expert Nicole has also been featured as a psychic fitness expert on radio: Star 99.9 and fitness expert for television: New York Live, and FoxCT News. Her experiences in the fitness/wellness fields were the impetus to create better fitness alternatives and MindBody Mastery LLC.

Nicole Fevrier Davis
Cell: (646)739-7879
10 Roberts Lane
Ridgefield CT 06877




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