New Contestant Named in Best Hair in Biopharma As Race for Crown Heats Up

Published: Jan 22, 2015

New Contestant Named in Best Hair in Biopharma As Race for Crown Heats Up
January 21, 2015
By Riley McDermid, Breaking News Sr. Editor

The competition for the title of Best Hair in Biopharma has a new contestant Wednesday, after ReceptosChief Executive Officer Faheem Hasnain was named to the list this week by an analyst as a top contender for the prize.

Analyst Mark Schoenebaum, a biotech and pharmaceuticals analyst and medical doctor for ISI Group, wrote in a note this week that Flanigan’s chances are “increasingly competitive” with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 's John Elicker, Celgene 's Vice President of Investor Relations Patrick Flanigan and Acorda Therapeutics 's Ron Cohen.

“[When it comes to Hasnain] revel in the beauty of his coiffure (try not to be distracted by the shine from his perfect teeth or the awesome coolness of his open collar),” said Schoenebaum in a note to investors Wednesday.

Flanigan was the most recent entrant prior to Hasnain and Schoenebaum was specific about how solid his frontrunner status could be if certain measures were taken cosmetically.

“As was widely expected by the Street, Patrick's hair was beautifully coiffured,” wrote Schoenebaum in a note to investors in December. However, Flanigan could up his chances by using styling products, estimated the analyst.

“Interestingly, I was able to confirm that he, indeed, uses no product,” he said. “The Street is likely to increase Patrick's chances of winning my 'best hair' award should he initiate product use.”

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