10 Neuroscience Jobs in High Demand

neuroscience jobs are increasing rapidly.

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Though demand for biopharma candidates in general increased due to the pandemic, the neuroscience field, in particular, has seen substantial growth. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a huge spike in demand for occupations related to neuroscience over the next decade. For example, the agency predicted a growth of 13% for behavioral neuroscience jobs like medical scientists and neuroscientists. 

Biophysicists and biochemists have been experiencing growth in this area as well. According to the report, employment growth jumped up to 19% for a 10-year observation.

Whether you're a seasoned neuroscience professional or thinking about breaking into this field, here is a list of neuroscience jobs in high demand to help with your job search. 

Neuroscience Jobs in High Demand

1. Technical Solutions Specialist

One of the most in-demand neuroscience roels is a technical solutions specialist. The right candidate for this role is someone who can conduct planning, configuration and installation of data acquisition at clinical sites. Their responsibilities might also include conducting training and educating staff.

2. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Scientist

A successful bioinformatics and functional genomics scientist is someone who can build and test machine learning models to prepare and analyze both neurophysiological and general patient data.

3. Senior Scientist

In the neuroscience field, a senior scientist is expected to join in the ongoing process of drug discovery, which includes target identification, target validation and drug lead identification.

4. Research Associate, Neuroscience

A research associate for neuroscience might be expected to design and conduct experiments to develop new technologies concerning therapeutics, viral vectors and other molecules. Responsibilities for this position might also include cell culturing and performing data analysis.

5. Scientist III, Neuroscience

A Scientist III's responsibilities could include developing innovative solutions for challenging disease targets. The candidate could also be expected to generate and collect in vitro and in vivo engagement efficacy data for further development.

6. Specialty Representative

As a senior specialty representative, a candidate might be required to have a comprehensive knowledge of the company’s products to properly communicate those benefits to medical professionals as a sales representative.

7. Senior Manager, Analytics

A senior manager in analytics could be tasked to develop analyses for data sources in several categories, including demand, claims and electronic medical records.

8. Scientist I/II 

A scientist I/II's responsibilities often include planning, designing, analyzing and executing preclinical studies in neurological models that integrate anatomical, behavioral and physiological endpoints to understand the safety and efficacy of transplanted neural cells into the brain and spinal cord.

9. Quality Control

Professionals who work in quality control are often responsible for obtaining and analyzing bioanalytical specimens. Specimens might include blood, urine and tissue samples. The candidate might also be expected to keep up with the supply inventory and take care of purchase orders and MSDS sheets.

10. Molecular Biologist

A molecular neurobiologist candidate might be expected to develop cell-based and molecular models to identify and treat neurodevelopmental disorders.

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