Neurome Acquires Digital Gene

Published: Aug 12, 2004

Another genomics company bites the dust... Neurome Inc., a neurology contract research company based in La Jolla CA, announced today that it will acquire substantially all assets of Digital Gene Technologies Inc., also of La Jolla. Digital Gene, once a hotshot genomics company focused on bioinformatics and large scale tissue-wide gene expression studies, is the latest casualty of the post-genomics world. DGT's core technology, called TOGA, figures big in the acquisition and Neurome's press release headline does not mention DGT at all, instead focusing on the technology. But Digital Gene also has several important research collaborations with leading academic centers such as the Salk Institute and the Scripps Research Institute, both in the San Diego area, Johns Hopkins, in Maryland, Jackson Laboratory in Maine, the Mayo Clinic in the Minnesota, and INSERM in France.

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