Nascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Reports Positive Results For Phase II Dry Eye Treatment

BURLINGAME, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Nascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced positive results for a 90-patient Phase IIb clinical trial of iDESTRIN (NP50301), the company's topical ophthalmic therapeutic eye drop for treating Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) in postmenopausal women. The clinical trial was a randomized, vehicle controlled, double-masked study, with 30 patients in each of three arms receiving either vehicle, or one of two active doses; and enrolled patients with mild, moderate and severe disease. Data were collected for numerous subjective symptoms and objective signs throughout the 14-week trial period. The trial was designed to determine the appropriate endpoints and patient population for continued development.

In patients with moderate-to-severe disease, which was about half the patients enrolled, a significant improvement was achieved in the high dose group for the main objective endpoint, the Schirmer's Test, at 8 weeks (p=0.027) and 12 weeks (p=0.004), in both eyes versus vehicle. This represented an improvement of over 75% from baseline. This group also demonstrated a significant improvement at 12 weeks for two other objective endpoints, superficial punctuate keratopathy (p=0.020) and corneal staining (p=0.045). In the moderate-to-severe group, a significant improvement was achieved in both active dose groups for the main subjective endpoint, Foreign Body Sensation, at 4 weeks (p=<0.040) as compared to vehicle in both eyes, and this improvement was maintained throughout the study.

The results indicate that iDESTRIN therapy provides a benefit in relieving the signs and symptoms presented by DES in postmenopausal women. Importantly, there were no drug-related serious adverse events in the study.

"These positive results represent a major achievement for the company, and we look forward to moving ahead with the clinical program this year," said Clive Reading, Nascent Chief Executive Officer. "DES is a major unmet medical need, and we believe iDESTRIN may provide relief to millions of women who suffer from this uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating disease."

It is estimated that about 30% of postmenopausal women suffer symptoms of DES, which accounts for over 10 million women in the U.S. The majority of sufferers of DES are postmenopausal women; and clinical research around the world has suggested the benefits of both topical and systemic estrogen therapy in the treatment of DES in this population.

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