MediGO Launches New Software to Help Streamline Response to Organ Donor Referrals

BALTIMORE, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MediGO, a Baltimore-based health care supply chain technology company, is helping transform the start of the organ donation and transplantation process with the launch of its new software solution known as Organ TeamLink. The first-of-its-kind program, supported by development partner Mid-America Transplant and designed to run on the Scoutline™ platform, will help the nation’s 57 organ procurement organizations (OPOs) streamline their response to new organ donor referrals.

Each time a hospital refers a patient for organ donation, an OPO must dispatch clinical and family services team members to the location to evaluate the potential for donation and to speak with the donor’s family. Organ TeamLink is the first software solution to provide OPOs with precise location data for team members in the field and an ETA to the donor hospital. Additional features unique to this program include current load scores for team members and secure messaging to improve case communication while simultaneously decreasing time spent on individual text messages and phone calls.

“Organ TeamLink was born out of collaborative discussions with OPOs about ways to more quickly and efficiently respond to organ donor referrals,” said Scott Plank, co-founder and CEO of MediGO. “The breakthroughs provided by this program will not only help OPOs make better-informed decisions when assigning team members to a case but also help them coordinate resources more confidently as the case progresses.”

Available through the MediGO app and via desktop, Organ TeamLink is the newest addition to MediGO’s suite of products designed for the donation and transplantation industry, a complex network of health care teams working together to help end the wait for more than 106,000 people across the United States. The software’s development was made possible by support from Mid-America Transplant, the St. Louis-based OPO serving parts of Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas, and its foundation, which provided important feedback throughout the design process.

“We’ve experienced firsthand how Organ TeamLink can help us fulfill our mission to increase the availability of organs and tissues for those who need them,” said Kevin Lee, executive vice president and chief operations officer at Mid-America Transplant. “We believe innovations like this will provide better line of sight that can help the entire OPO community respond quicker and more accurately to potential donation opportunities, ultimately saving more lives.”

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About MediGO
MediGO is a first of-its-kind health care supply chain technology company. Recognized by Edison Awards and Fast Company for its disruptive technology, its cloud-based Scoutline™ platform enables real-time management of time-sensitive medical resources on a centralized communication channel. Powered by proprietary algorithms and machine learning, MediGO provides the most actionable data in the donation and transplantation industry. With newfound supply chain transparency, care teams can proactively unify stakeholders, coordinate resources and minimize waste – to deliver confidence and save more lives. For more information about MediGO, a JSP Ventures company, visit

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