Manufacturer of Innovative Zeno Acne Treatment Device Announces Corporate Name Change Tyrell, Inc. becomes Zeno Corporation

HOUSTON, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Tyrell, Inc., the company behind the Zeno family of acne treatment devices, announced today that they have changed their name to Zeno Corporation.

"We initiated the name change in an effort to provide clarity as to who and what we are," said Walter Klemp, CEO of Zeno Corporation. "The leadership of the company and our board of directors recognized that our new name more closely aligns our corporate identity with our brand."

Zeno Corporation's board of directors approved the name change during the company's August board meeting. The company will also incorporate their vision statement "Improving lives through the science of heat" into many communication elements including packaging materials, their website and print advertising.

The first FDA-approved device of its kind, Zeno has revolutionized the over-the-counter acne treatment industry by offering a quick, safe and effective means of making blemishes disappear.

In July, the company launched Zeno Mini, the fourth product in the acne treatment line. Its predecessors Zeno, Zeno PRO and Zeno MD (available only through physician partners) operate on rechargeable batteries. Zeno Mini operates on replaceable batteries.

Zeno Corporation is a medical technology company focused on the development of medical devices for the treatment of skin ailments. Comprised of experts from both the biological/medical and consumer products industries, Zeno Corporation is dedicated to developing innovative and scientifically effective medical products designed for use without the need for a prescription.

About Zeno Corporation and Zeno(R)

Established in Houston, Texas, in September 2002, Zeno Corporation, formerly Tyrell, Inc., is the leading pioneer in the category of personal medical devices. The company was formed to develop and launch Zeno, a product set to revolutionize over-the-counter treatment of acne pimples. Using proprietary ClearPoint technology, Zeno electronic medical devices apply sustained heat therapy to destroy the bacteria that cause common acne, dramatically reducing the healing time of pimples. The Zeno acne product line includes Zeno MD, Zeno PRO, Zeno and Zeno Mini. For more information, visit

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