Lexicor Unveils Breakthrough AD/HD Assessment Tool in Denver

DENVER, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- On the eve of the first National AD/HD Awareness Day, the first biological assessment tool for AD/HD is being introduced in Denver. The DataLex(SM) AD/HD Indicator Report from Lexicor (http://www.lexicor.com/) uses brainwave data collected from a non-invasive, quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) to help answer the question, "does my child have attention deficit disorder?"

The United States Senate declared September 7th as National AD/HD Awareness Day http://www.adders.org/news87.htm, which recognizes AD/HD as a major public health concern.

"It's about making the right diagnosis," said Dr. John Drozd, PhD, clinical director of Lexicor. "Although the issue of over-and under-diagnosis of AD/HD is an important one, the most important question we all should be asking is, 'Is AD/HD the right diagnosis in this child's case?'"

The DataLex AD/HD Indicator Report from Lexicor gives parents, primary care physicians and pediatricians a new tool for the assessment of AD/HD. The report complements the patient history and medical examination, and is combined with a physician's expert evaluation to lead to a more accurate assessment of AD/HD.

The DataLex report is a distinct data analysis service that uses patient brain wave data collected from non-invasive, quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) technology. The report is based upon scientific research that shows AD/HD patients have distinct brain activity patterns compared to the general population. The report can classify those with AD/HD to an accuracy of 90 percent and identify those who do not have AD/HD to an accuracy of 94 percent.

Data is collected using a sensor-filled cap to measure the electrical patterns of the brain and takes about an hour to complete. Once collected, the qEEG data is sent to Lexicor for analysis and a DataLex AD/HD Indicator Report is generated. The report is an evaluation tool for physicians -- not a specific diagnostic test.

The DataLex report for AD/HD is now available at Red Rocks Pediatrics in Westminster. Patients interested in scheduling a test may call toll-free at 877-865-0745.

"Moms and dads just want to know that their child has the right diagnosis and, if necessary, the right medications," said Dr. Peter Knott of Red Rocks Pediatrics. "Physicians just want the best tools to help make the right diagnosis. DataLex(SM) gives us a reliable, sensitive and specific evaluation tool validated by research to complement the standard, subjective, diagnostic interview."

The DataLex Report is covered by most insurance companies and is available in a growing number of physician practices and special diagnostic centers around the nation.

About Lexicor's DataLex AD/HD Indicator Report

For more than 13 years, Lexicor has been the leader in the field of digital EEG data collection, management and analysis. Through extensive research, development and improvements, Lexicor has developed the quantitative EEG data analysis service called the DataLex AD/HD Indicator Report. The DataLex report assists physicians in reaching a more accurate assessment of AD/HD. Physicians use Lexicor's Digital Cortical Scan(TM) for qEEG data collection. For more information, contact Lexicor at 303-443-9944 or visit http://www.lexicor.com/. To schedule an appointment, call 877-865-0745.


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