Latest Complex Wound Care Research from Amniox Highlighted at SAWC Fall 2019 Meeting

Scientific Posters Showcase Successful Treatment of Complex Wounds using NEOX® Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord Allograft to Accelerate Healing and Restore Function

Miami, FL – October 28, 2019 – Amniox Medical, Inc., a TissueTech, Inc. company and leader in the clinical application of cryopreserved umbilical cord and amniotic membrane products for the treatment of chronic, complex and surgical wounds, announced today that two posters covering the latest research utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy or negative pressure wound therapy together with cryopreserved umbilical cord (NEOX Cord 1K) allograph to accelerate healing of complex wounds were presented during the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall Meeting, October 12-14, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

The poster “Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord for Treatment of a Wound with Exposed Tendon” presented research conducted by Terry McVey, BSN, RN, CWON, Cori Wagener, BSN, RN, and Amesh Patel, MD and demonstrated the use of NEOX Cord 1K to promote healing and restore function without complication in a post-surgical wound of the wrist with exposed tendon.

Poster 1

The poster “Management of Large Postfasciotomy Wound Following Complex Vascular Surgery” presented research conducted by Terry McVey, BSN, RN, CWON, Cori Wagener, BSN, RN, Lee Diekmann, CHT, Stephanie Hanson, and Surbhi Jain, MD. and demonstrated the successful management of an ischemic-reperfusion induced, postfasciotomy wound utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and negative pressure wound therapy, augmented with NEOX Cryopreserved umbilical cord allograft to accelerate robust healing without complications.

Poster 2Poster 2

“These posters demonstrate very nicely the application of NEOX Cord 1K as an adjunctive therapy in helping to promote the healing and functional recovery of complex wounds in an expedited manner,” said Herbert B. Slade, MD, Chief Medical Officer at TissueTech, Inc. “Complex wounds are less of a problem in otherwise healthy populations. However, when they are complicated by underlying conditions such as poor nutrition, advanced age, obesity, or poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, advanced therapies become an important and often necessary part of the therapeutic approach.”

The cost of treating complex wounds is significant and is expected to grow. Medicare cost estimates for acute and chronic wound treatments ranged from $28.1 billion to $96.8 billion a year. Highest expenses were for surgical wounds followed by diabetic foot ulcers.1.

Scheffer C.G. Tseng, MD, PhD, TissueTech Chief Technology Officer and co-founder added, “Amniox is committed to bringing evidence-based treatment options to market to better meet the clinical, social, and economic challenges that chronic wound care presents. For this reason, we will continue to invest in wound care technology transfer and related research.”

About Amniox Medical, Inc.

Amniox Medical, Inc., a TissueTech, Inc. company, is a leader in the clinical application of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord-based products processed using TissueTech’s proprietary CryoTek© cryopreserved technology. Established in 2011, Amniox serves an unmet need for supporting better surgical and therapeutic outcomes for chronic and complex wounds, orthopedics, sports medicine, spine, urology, gynecology, plastics, and general surgery. Connect with Amniox on our Website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About TissueTech, Inc.
TissueTech, Inc., the parent company of Amniox Medical, Inc. and Bio-Tissue, Inc., pioneered the development and clinical application of amniotic tissue-based products. Amniox Medical develops and markets products for use in the musculoskeletal and wound care markets; Bio-Tissue develops and markets products for the ophthalmology and optometry markets. Since the company’s inception, clinicians have performed more than 500,000 human implants of the company’s products and published more than 350 peer-reviewed studies supporting its technology platform. The Company’s first product, AmnioGraft®, is the only tissue graft designated by the FDA as homologous for promoting ophthalmic wound healing. Learn more at


1. Chandan K. Sen. Advances in Wound Care. Feb 2019.ahead of print


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