Karolinska Development's portfolio company Aprea presents promising results with APR-246 in combination with immuno-oncology agents

STOCKHOLM, April 3, 2019. Karolinska Development's portfolio company Aprea today presents results from studies with APR-246 in combination with immune checkpoint blockade. The results show that APR-246 can improve the effect of immuno-oncology agents.

Karolinska Development portfolio company Aprea Therapeutics announced today the results of studies with APR-246 in combination with immune checkpoint blockade. The results were presented by researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at the 2019 AACR Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The studies collectively support a role for p53 activity in the tumor microenvironment and suggest that stabilization of the tumor suppressor protein, p53, by APR-246 can enhance anti-tumor immune response, particularly when combined with immuno-oncology agents.

The studies characterized changes in the tumor immune microenvironment in melanoma and colorectal cancer in vivo models when treated with APR-246 and immuno-oncology agents, either alone or in combination. APR-246 monotherapy treatment of melanoma tumors induced a pro-inflammatory tumor microenvironment. The analysis of tumor infiltrating immune cells demonstrated a pattern of gene expression suggesting that stabilization of p53 by APR-246 alters the immune tumor microenvironment and enables the immune system to target tumor cells more effectively.

"APR-246 has already shown promising results in clinical trials. These preclinical results further broaden the potential of APR-246. The future of the immuno-oncology field depends on finding the right treatment combinations to activate the immune response in tumors, APR-246 now becomes a strong candidate in that search ", comments Viktor Drvota, CEO of Karolinska Development.

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