John Tarlton Races Across America to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Menlo Park real estate executive takes on the 3,000-mile “Race Across America” bicycle race to raise money for Stanford Cancer Institute

Menlo Park, Calif. - May 2, 2019: Team Tarlton, a non-profit focused on health, wellness, and educational initiatives, today announced that Tarlton Properties CEO John Tarlton will compete in this year’s Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s toughest bicycle race, for the second time in five years to raise money for innovation in cancer research at Stanford Cancer Institute. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit

On June 11, 2019, John will embark on an extraordinary journey that will test his physical limits, mental toughness, and commitment to a cause. As a solo competitor in RAAM, John will race 3,000 miles on his bicycle across the length of the North American Continent, starting in Oceanside, California and concluding in Annapolis, Maryland.

The toughest endurance event in the world, RAAM offers long-distance cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to the height of their abilities. Cyclists must complete the course in under 12 days (250+ miles per day); fewer than 350 cyclists have completed RAAM since its first edition in 1982. John’s plan is to ride 300-350 miles a day to complete the course in 10 days.

All donations in support of John’s race will go entirely to the Stanford Cancer Institute, where translational research resulted in John’s mother and sister both receiving extraordinary care for different types of cancer. The Institute’s goal is to transform the care experience of every cancer patient, utilizing Stanford Medicine’s unique capacity for high-throughput multidisciplinary research, resulting in patient-centered care that improves quality of life and overall health outcomes.

John has a long commitment to supporting the latest advances in cancer research. His passion for research and development of new treatments is rooted in his family history and is manifested in both his personal and professional life. To date, John has competed in a number of different extreme sport competitions to raise money and awareness for cancer research, including the 3,000-mile Race Across America (RAAM) in 2014, the 2015 Tahoe Iron Man, and the 2018 Race Across the West.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to race again in RAAM, and for the extreme dedication and hard work of the dozen or so crew members helping me to prepare for and complete this incredible journey,” said John. “As a group, we care deeply for the cause of advancing cancer research and innovation, with the hope that someday soon we will have learned how to successfully coexist with this disease, mitigating its impact on the lives of patients and their families.”

To follow John’s progress in this year’s race, visit RAAM online or on social media at #RAAM2019.

To learn more or to get involved with Team Tarlton’s philanthropic efforts, visit

About RAAM

RAAM and SOUL EVENTS are world leaders in the sport of endurance bicycle racing. The team is responsible for the Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s premier ultra-bicycle race, a 3000-mile coast-to-coast race across the USA, as well as the Race Across the West (RAW), an 860-mile race across the Western US, the RAAM Challenge Series, and the 6-12-24 World Time Trial Championships. In addition, they offer seminars on endurance bicycle racing and sanction endurance races worldwide.

About Team Tarlton

Team Tarlton is a non-profit focused on health, wellness, and educational initiatives. Team Tarlton seeks to positively influence and strengthen the vibrancy and health of the community, making it a place where all individuals are able to reach their fullest potential. Key activities include fundraising for cancer research, support for biking programs, and career and educational activities in the local community. For more information, please visit

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