Invitrocue Appoints Professor Masakazu Toi as Clinical Advisor

January 11, 2019 – Invitrocue Limited (ASX: IVQ), a leading healthcare bio-analytic solutions provider, is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Masakazu Toi as Clinical Advisor of Invitrocue with immediate effect.

A renowned oncology expert having held various roles as healthcare provider, scholar, and opinion leader, Professor Toi brings strong clinical oncology knowledge and experience especially in breast cancer, as well as a wide network with cancer institutes and hospitals in Japan. Joining at a time when Invitrocue accelerates the global roll-out of its proprietary Onco-PDOTM personalised cancer screening test, Professor Toi will advise Invitrocue’s research team on clinical validation and cancer menu expansion of Onco-PDOTM in Japan. He will also play an important role in identifying and engaging key partners, including local cancer research centres, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Professor Masakazu Toi is currently Professor of the Graduate School of Medicine at Kyoto University, specialising in clinical oncology and breast cancer treatment. Prior to his role at Kyoto University, Professor Toi has had various executive appointments across hospitals and academia. Professor Toi holds a postdoctoral degree from the Hiroshima University School of Medicine and has co-authored more than 450 articles as an editorial board member of multiple academic journals.  


Commenting on the appointment, Dr. Steven Fang, Executive Director, Invitrocue, said:

“Professor Toi brings more than 30 years of experience to Invitrocue and we look forward to the valuable insights and guidance he will provide as we bring Invitrocue’s Onco-PDOTM to cancer patients and physicians worldwide. As a well-respected researcher and educator, Professor Toi will broaden our understanding of breast cancer profiles, transforming drug sensitivity tests and cancer treatment decision making for better.”


For more information contact:

Martin D. Bach, VP Operations

T: +65 6460 0497


About Invitrocue

Invitrocue is a leading healthcare bio-analytic solutions provider including in vitro cell-based testing technologies and image analytics software for use in digital pathology. Invitrocue has developed a unique 3D cell-based scaffolding technology that mimics human organ samples for using in the field of infectious diseases. In 2016, the company expanded its work in liver disease to the field of oncology. Invitrocue’s Onco-PDO™ technology enables patient-derived cancer cells (organoids) to be cultured in laboratories for testing against a panel of drugs to support clinical decision making for individual patients (personalised medicine).

Invitrocue’s technology originated in Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Invitrocue has been developed and validated in partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies and scientific collaborators.

Invitrocue is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker IVQ. Website:

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