Inspired Spine Performs Highly Complex Multilevel Spinal Fusion at the University of Minnesota Hospital on a Patient with a BMI of 62.5

BURNSVILLE, Minn., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- An obese Ohio man suffering debilitating back pain began his search for relief by consulting with four different spine surgeons in his home state. Unfortunately, all four physicians performed traditional spine surgery – available only to persons with healthy BMIs.

Spine surgeons who rely on traditional surgical methods are often unable to help overweight chronic back pain sufferers. Ultimately, all four surgeons turned the 500-pound man away citing the surgery too risky; to safely undergo surgery he'd first need to lose 100 to 200 pounds.

This man is now Inspired Spine's latest success story. Inspired Spine offered a surgical solution that readily relieved the man's pain without subjecting him to improbable weight loss requirements.

Desperate for pain relief, the man expanded his search and discovered Minnesota-based Inspired Spine. He consulted via telecom with Dr. Abbasi, Inspired Spine CMO and Neurosurgeon. Dr. Abbasi explained, "The surgeons who turned you away were absolutely doing the right thing, as the traditional surgical approach is dangerous for overweight patients. Inspired Spine's OLLIF approach significantly reduces risk – our procedure takes less than two hours, which is safer than the six-to-eight-hour timeframe for traditional surgical approaches.

After his consultation with Dr. Abbasi he flew to Minnesota for surgery, optimistic about finally being free from his life-altering back pain.

In less than two hours, Dr. Abbasi performed a 4-level L2-S1 fusion using Inspired Spine's Minimally Invasive Trans-Kambin OLLIF technique. Upon waking after surgery, the patient reported feeling great and had minimal pain. He was up and walking around the next day and was ready for discharge two short days after the procedure.

Compared to traditional spine surgical procedures – and in addition to greatly improving the man's quality of life – Inspired Spine's OLLIF surgical procedure delivered several unique benefits: the patient underwent surgery without first having to lose upwards of 200 pounds; he received a safer, more efficient two-hour surgical remedy, along with a shorter inpatient stay of two days.

Inspired Spine's revolutionary spine surgery methods are paving the way for a new standard of care for persons living with back pain. To learn more about this story, and hundreds of other patient testimonials, search for "Inspired Spine" on YouTube or visit


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