Infectious Disease Diagnostic Testing: World Market Analysis of TB, Flu, HIV, Hepatitis, Strep A, Malaria, HPV, Blood Screening, STDs, ID/AST, HAI, Rapids and Other Test Products -

Nearly a third of the revenues earned from clinical testing products are earned from products that detect infectious diseases: despite this enormous size, the market remains dynamic. It's also a global market: the entire world prioritizes infectious disease in its healthcare provision. Indeed, the demand to detect and counter infectious disease threats has helped launch new technologies such as molecular systems and point of care, PCR-alternative molecular amplification methods, next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarrays and other technologies. Infectious disease testing offers a mix of some mature segments with rapid spikes in market growth in the infectious disease test market can occur with the emergence of new disease threats or acceptance of new routine screening procedures.

This report is designed to provide a total picture of the market for products that test for infectious diseases to aid clinical decisions. Readers will benefit from a complete world country analysis, with major country markets defined for each segment, a total of 348 market tables provided. The enhanced segmentation allows for better business planning and market opportunity sizing.

Increased funding for infectious disease diagnostics from international governmental, non-governmental and non-profit health organizations is assisting in the development of a new generation of sophisticated test platforms designed to meet the needs of testing in low-resource environments (electricity, water, refrigeration, other environmental control, and personnel).

Additional Report Coverage

  • Global Market Sizing
  • Forecasts to 2025
  • Company Profiles of Infectious Disease Testing providers
  • Assessment of Trends
  • Overview of Types of Testing
  • Breakout by testing technology (molecular, immunoassay) for Hepatitis and HIV
  • Breakout by POC vs. lab-test by technology (Hepatitis, HIV, TB, other)

Diseases and technology categories covered in this report include:

  • Blood Screening Immunoassay
  • Blood Screening NAT
  • Influenza Tests
  • Strep A Test
  • RSV Testing
  • Malaria Tests
  • Dengue Testing
  • HIV Tests - Laboratories
  • HIV Tests - POC
  • Hepatitis Testing, Lab-Based
  • Hepatitis Testing, POC
  • STD Testing
  • HPV Testing
  • TORCH Testing
  • TB Labs
  • TB POC
  • ID/AST Market, Auto
  • ID/AST, Manual
  • Blood Culture
  • Chromogenic Media
  • Rapid Micro
  • Sepsis
  • MRSA
  • C. diff
  • VRE
  • Other HAI
  • Parasitology
  • Mycology
  • Emerging Infectious Disease Tests
  • Home OTC
  • Other

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. World Infectious Disease Market Analysis

4. Companies Mentioned

  • Abbott Diagnostics
  • Beckman Coulter, Inc. / Danaher
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
  • bioMrieux Inc.
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
  • Cepheid / Danaher
  • Danaher Corporation
  • Grifols
  • Hologic, Inc.
  • InSilixa, Inc
  • Meridian BioScience, Inc
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • PerkinElmer, Inc. (PE)
  • Quidel Corporation
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • Trinity Biotech PLC
  • WAMA Diagnostica
  • Wave 80 Biosciences
  • Xagenic

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