How to Be a Successful Female Leader in a Male-Driven Industry

Female Confidence

Overall, the biotech industry is quickly evolving, as women are snagging more jobs and working their way up the corporate ladder. Though not well known, there are actually many advantages to being a female leader in the biotech industry. For example, women often possess a certain set of skills that most men don’t, and they are often ones which make a great leader. So, as a woman, it’s important to use these skills to your advantage. If you want to be a successful leader in the biotech field, here are a few tried and true tips.

Don’t Compromise Who You Are

Many women who end up in leadership positions in male-driven fields end up compromising their own beliefs on their climb to the top. They change everything about themselves in order to be more like men, believing this is what will make them a success. But you don’t need to do this! Never change who you are, because you’re the unique individual that your boss put in charge. They want you – not someone who looks like you but behaves in a different manner. Stay true to yourself.

Throughout the course of your career, you’ll end up butting heads with other employees, and you might even have to deal with other leaders who don’t respect you. But don’t let this make you bitter. Instead, use it to make yourself a stronger person. Women are naturally empathetic beings and great communicators who know how to rally a team together. Use those powers for good, improve yourself but don’t change everything about yourself and be the best version of you.

Use Your Natural Talents Wisely

There are several things that make women great leaders. So, obviously, you need to emphasize those skills in order to be successful. Studies have shown that women are better at:

Multi-tasking – Women innately know how to balance more than one task at a time. In the biotech industry, this is gold. As a leader, you’ll oversee several projects at one time, and you’ll need to keep track of several team members on each project. By knowing how to multi-task successfully, which is something that is truly hard to teach, you’ll be a great leader.

Teamwork – Teamwork and multi-tasking tend to go hand in hand. The stronger the members of the team and the better their communication skills, the more they’ll get done. Overall, if you know where each of your employees’ strengths lies and you can get them to work together in groups where they can play off each other’s strengths, then things will get done properly and on time.

Dealing with crises – What does the average woman do in a crisis situation? Often, they are at the front of the line, taking care of what needs to be done. This is something that happens naturally. Women, in general, don’t even think about the battle, they just go straight into crisis management mode. As a female leader in the biotech industry, this will be one of your keys to success. Women have the ability to take a crisis in stride, put out the flames and then redirect everyone in a way that leads to success.

Leading by example – Women also tend to lead by example. They set the tone for the workplace and learn from the people they looked up to as they moved up the ladder. Their employees do the same and understand their current boss knows what she’s doing. The confidence you project truly goes a long way.

Value Your Employees

Above all else, a woman leader needs to know (and acknowledge) the value of her employees. This is something that tends to challenge men because many lack the natural empathy involved in understanding that each worker has value. Most women realize that every one of their workers is unique and many have different skill sets that allow them to work well together. If you value your employees in this manner, then they’ll view you positively and want to work hard to make you proud. It’s really that simple. That’s how women leaders get things done in the biotech industry.

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