How Introverts and Extroverts Approach the Same Job Differently

Introvert and Extrovert

Being an introvert or an extrovert comes with its own pros and cons. Extroverted people will often have no problem making conversation but can feel a little off when they don’t work with other people. On the other hand, introverts thrive when they are working alone, and can struggle initiating conversation or working as a group.

These differing skillsets mean that extroverts and introverts will usually approach the same job differently. Here is how each of them do it.

Working with a group

While working with a firm, employees might have to work in group projects depending on their line of work. So when it comes down to working with a team, one party tends to struggle more than the other.


Working with a group is where an extrovert is at their best. They love talking to other people and working as a collective, as it helps flow their creative juices. They can be much more descriptive about their suggestions, and will never struggle to tell everyone about what they think.

But even though they can be very effective in communicating ideas, it might not be the best. Since they are more likely to speak first and ask questions later, they will usually say whatever is on their mind.


On the other side of the spectrum lie introverts, who will usually struggle when speaking in a public setting. They rarely have a “presence” about them, and working with a team is usually where they will struggle the most. Introverts can offer a great deal of insight when working together, but struggle to say much.

They also usually prefer working alone, as working with more people complicates things for them. That is not to say that Introverts have nothing to offer. Most introverts will consider multiple factors before making a conclusive decision, which can help the group in the long run.

Effective Communication

While you might think that one type of group has a clear advantage over the other, that is usually not the case. Instead, introverts and extroverts will choose their methods to communicate carefully.


Extroverts will usually prefer a face-to-face or verbal communication with someone. They will usually call people or have meetings with them to discuss their ideas or when having a conversation.


While they do not avoid verbal communication, it can drain them fairly quickly. They would prefer talking to people through written messages sent through social media or IM apps. Talking through these apps is the most effective way that they can communicate with people around them.

Final Thoughts

Being an introvert or an extrovert can get you a multitude of benefits in the workplace. And by better understanding how each of them approach the workplace, you can see how you can fit into the office culture.

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