Global Cell Therapy Market Insight 2028

"Global Cell Therapy Market Outlook, Patent & Clinical Trials Insight 2028" Report Highlights:


  • Global Cell Therapy Market Opportunity:  > USD 45 Billion By 2028
  • Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Insight by Indication, Company and Country
  • Insight On More than 1600 Cell Therapies in Clinical Trials
  • Clinical & Commercial Insight On 32 Cell Therapies Available in Market
  • Dosage & Pricing Insight By Country & Region
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Global market & Clinical Trials
  • Price & Product Insight By Region/Country


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The therapeutic potential of cell as therapeutic agents was first realized in 20th century, when large availability of red blood cell transfusions significantly enhanced the survival outcomes following trauma, surgery, and some medical conditions. Subsequently, platelet transfusion and bone marrow transplantation enhanced the survival of patients with hematologic diseases. However, the progress made in the field of recombinant DNA technology has led to technological advances in cell manufacturing and development of immune cell therapies, with T cell therapies emerging as the most advanced within this therapeutic class.


Amid all T-cell therapies, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy has emereged out to be one of the most promising cell therapies. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a novel class of immunotherapy which involves genetically engineered T-cells to allow recognizing and targeting the tumor cell. The breakthrough approval of first CAR T-cell therapy in 2017 has gained momentum among pharmaceutical companies. To date, globally there are 7 approved CAR T-cell therapy products in the market which are indicated for wide range of hematological malignancies. The introduction of CAR T-cell therapy in the market has shown promising response among cancer patients.


Apart from αβ T cells, researchers have also identified several other immune effector cells including natural killer cells, gamma delta T cells, NK T-cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, T regulatory cells, and others. The main advantages associated with these cells is that they all possess cytotoxic activity and do not express an endogenous T cell receptor and therefore do not mediate graft versus host disease when administered to MHC-mismatched hosts. To date, more than 1000 clinical trials are ongoing in cell therapy market   


In recent times, T reg cells have gained considerable interest as therapeutic target for the management of wide range of diseases. Over time, more than 90 pharmaceutical companies and academic / research institutes have undertaken various initiatives to develop effective Treg cell therapies against multiple target indications. At present, the pipeline features close to 95 product candidates, and this number is anticipated to grow further in the foreseen future. Of the total candidates, more than 15 Treg therapies, including ALS001 (Coya Therapeutics), CLBS03 (Caladrius Biosciences), ILT-101 (ILTOO Pharma), NKTR-358 (Eli Lilly) and RGI-2001 (REGiMMUNE), are currently being evaluated in advanced stages of development.


Apart from this, scientists have also developed CAR NK cells similar to CAR T cells which are present in early stages of clinical development. For instance, recent preliminary data from GDA-201 showed that the novel drug yields high remission rate in patients with relapsed/refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma and have shown to improve overall survival rate.  Furthermore, GDA-201 also improves antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and tumor targeting of NK cells.GDA-201 is an innate NK cell immunotherapy developed by Gamida Cell.


As per our report findings, the global cell therapy market is expected to surpass US$ 45 Billion by 2028. Several factors including rising geriatric population with increased risk of developing cancer, increasing emphasis on research and development, and large number of ongoing clinical trials are the major factors boosting the growth of market. Further, favorable government policies for life science companies and government funding are also expected to boost the cell therapy demand in near future. Also, acquisitions can significantly accelerate a manufacture’s strategy to capitalize and capture a significant share in the global market. 


The report provides detailed information on the currently available cell therapies in the market and insights into more than 1000 clinical trial products. The report also provides an extensive analysis of the cell therapy market size, current market trends, and future estimations of the global cell therapy market. Recent developments, key manufacturers, and top player positioning are listed in this report to analyze the competitive scenario of the cell therapy market. The major companies mentioned in the report include Green Cross Cell, ISTO Biologics, Macrocure, Teva Pharmaceutical, Cell Mdia, Bone Therapeutics, amongst others.


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