GlaxoSmithKline: Helping people do more, feel better, live longer


There are numerous reasons for people to enter into the life sciences industry. It could be the desire to work with cutting-edge technology and research. It could be the desire to develop a therapy that has a positive global impact.

At GSK, the reason is simple – the patient. The company maintains a patient-centric focus and that focus is what drives its innovation.

Whether you realize it or not, GSK plays a prominent role in your life. Whether it’s one of the company’s many pharmaceutical products and vaccines or its myriad of consumer healthcare products like Sensodyne, Theraflu, Excedrin, Flonase or Tums, GSK likely plays a significant and welcome role in your life.

Consumers like the products, and life science professionals also think highly of GSK. In BioSpace’s Ideal Employer Survey GSK came in at #12 overall in the survey rankings.

Whether it’s the company’s treatments for HIV or vaccine for hepatitis, GSK has a rich pipeline and history in the industry and the professionals recognize it. GSK is one of the most sought-after employers in the life sciences, and it’s no surprise with their financial and healthcare success that so many professionals apply each year.

Maureen Konieczny, U.S. Country Lead, Global Recruitment, at GSK, said the company’s strong reputation in the industry is due to its strong company culture saying, “We really do feel we can do our best work to help patients do more, feel better and live longer.”

Konieczny provided BioSpace with a glimpse into the company’s corporate culture.

“The best example is that whether you’re in the lab, with a sales representative or with our global support functions group, there is always a focus on the patient and asking how what we are doing will impact the patient,” Konieczny said.

While GSK ranked #12 overall in the BioSpace survey, the company also made a splash in other areas as well. They were ranked #7 for Competitive Salary, #6 for Manageable Working Hours and #8 for Opportunity for Promotion.

So, what does it take to become part of the GSK team? GSK is often hiring for all areas of the company. From engineers to marketing professionals to science experts, the company has it all. You’ll find GSK tapping into its current employee base, recruiting at universities, promoting its Veterans Leadership Program, advocating its apprenticeships across the country and trying to engage people at all stages of their career.

“Recruitment is so important because the work we do is critical: we are filling positions that impact patients,” Konieczny said.

Konieczny did provide advice for job seekers looking to better their chances of securing a position with GSK. Konieczny suggested job seekers leverage their personal network, follow GSK on social media and visit the GSK careers page.

“At times, we tap into our current strong employee base to refer effective talent. Certainly, networking is something I would recommend anybody,” Konieczny said.  

If you apply for a position that interests you, Konieczny says you can expect to be updated on the status of your application throughout the process.

“Candidate care is of the utmost importance to us. We want to make sure they are having a positive experience at GSK.”

Regardless of why a job seeker wants to enter the life sciences, GSK is an influential and top employer in the industry and will help you follow your passion. Keep up to date on open jobs on their careers site.

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