genOway Master Service Agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lyon (France), March 25th 2008 - genOway, the biotechnology company dedicated to the development of genetically modified animal models reports the signing of a master service contract with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. This agreement is a master service agreement under which genOway will provide its client with customized rat lines tailored to the researchers’ needs.

The agreement is a 5-year agreement. Gilles de Poncins, CFO of genOway stated: “ genOway now collaborates with seven of the major worldwide laboratories. It’s a privilege and an honor for us to collaborate with these strategic partners”.

“2008 will be an exciting year in which genOway expects to emphasize and demonstrate its leadership. The business-development efforts we spread since few months are gainful. In addition to an intensification of our existing activities in Europe and north–America, we hope to announce some exciting news on the Asian market in the near future”, added Kader Thiam, VP Transgenic Technologies of genOway.

About genOway: genOway (ALTERNEXT-NYSE: ALGEN) is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of genetically modified animal models aimed at enhancing the security and relevancy of in vivo research projects. Focusing its effort on the mouse and rat, genOway’s expertise combined transgenesic technologies such as pronuclear microinjection, Knock-out, Knock-in, Knock- down, point mutation, humanization combined with innovative patented technologies adapted to target validation, in vivo drug screening, drug efficacy and safety testing program. Collaborations with worldwide leaders (Charles River Laboratories, Invitrogen, Tet systems, etc..) enable genOway to provide its customer with a complete portfolio of products and services for all aspects of model generation and characterization. Operating in 22 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, genOway has developed more than 450 rat and mouse lines for 40 companies and 160 research institutions. Thanks to its industrialized production facilities, genOway is involved in large-scale projects with several academic centers (German National Genome Research Network, University College London, King’s College London, Max Planck Institute) and with pharmaceutical companies (Bayer Corp, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson). For more information consult:

Contacts: Marie Norbert - genOway - Contact for investors: Gilles de Poncins, CFO - genOway -

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