Genovis launches FabRICATOR®-HPLC for automated antibody analysis

Today Genovis is initiating sales of the FabRICATOR-HPLC column for quality assessment of antibodies in automated analytical systems. The product is based on Genovis’ FabRICATOR technology and can be used in existing analytical systems for rapid online analysis without manual sample handling. 

FabRICATOR HPLC is a column that enables automated analysis of therapeutic antibodies during development, production and formulation of antibody-based drugs. The product can be used in existing analytical systems on the market, which means that customers do not need to invest in additional hardware.

“As FabRICATOR has become increasingly established on the antibody analysis market, we have perceived a need to further simplify and automate sample handling for our customers. FabRICATOR®-HPLC is an enzyme reactor that gives our customers new opportunities to transfer their existing methods using our enzymes onto fully automated instruments thereby reducing operator time, sample handling and increasing throughput,” says Fredrik Olsson, CEO.

FabRICATOR®-HPLC is the second product that Genovis has launched this year. Earlier in April the company launched GlycOCATCH™, a new technology for purification of glycosylated proteins.

For more information about FabRICATOR-HPLC column:

For more information, please contact: Fredrik Olsson, CEO, Genovis AB Tel: 0046 (0)46 -101233



Genovis’ business concept is to apply its knowledge and imagination to design and provide innovative tools for the development of the drugs of the future. Today Genovis sells several enzyme products known as SmartEnzymes all over the world in innovative product formats that facilitate development and quality control of biological drugs.

The Group consists of Genovis AB and the wholly owned subsidiary Genovis Inc. (USA). Genovis shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm and Erik Penser Bank is the Company’s Certified Adviser. T: +46 (0)8-463 83 00.

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