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BERNARDSVILLE, N.J., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With genetic testing on the rise and the science advancing, there is an increased demand for board-certified genetic counselors who can interpret findings and advise both patients and providers. GeneScreen Counseling, a leading provider of independent, unbiased genetic counseling services has joined with Command Health, an innovative provider of online workflow platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) based technology solutions to form SynerGenomics. The new company brings the full power of advanced data analytics and user friendly provider and patient engagement tools, alongside GeneScreen genetic counselors to offer cutting-edge yet practical workflow efficiencies to physicians across the U.S. who want to be better positioned to offer genomic medicine options to their patients.  

"Knowledge is power and with genomic medicine it takes the right type of domain expertise to translate the fast-moving science so patients and their providers can make more informed health decisions," said Jill Chisholm APN, CEO and Founder of GeneScreen Counseling. Chisholm is now also the President and Chief Medical Officer of SynerGenomics. "SynerGenomics provides this advanced knowledge directly to patients while offering extensive features and mitigated risks for physician offices."

The blend of the Command Health technology platform integrated with online counseling services includes a full library of comprehension-testing interactive videos. In addition, the conversational AI toolset can revolutionize how physicians and their patients are supported in the dynamic genomic medicine environment. 

"Command Health has always put the practical needs of the physician and their patients at the forefront of our technology offerings. With GeneScreen Counseling, we found an amazing partner with the same core values. After two years of integrating our solutions, we are excited to now work even more closely and strategically to benefit our shared clients," said Bard Betz, CEO of Command Health and SynerGenomics.

SynerGenomics leverages the powerful and intuitive Command Health platform to seamlessly connect patients and physicians with GeneScreen counselors, while providing tools to maximize physician office productivity. The platform integrates with all major clinical systems and customizes to individual physician preferences and practice protocols with rigorously vetted genomic research, education, counseling, and testing services. Fully HIPAA-compliant and mobile-ready, the platform supports the clerical and administrative needs of busy physician practices with back-end analytics, secure messaging, dictation, and documentation tools. It also offers a variety of alerts and communication tools for more meaningful patient and physician engagement.

Through GeneScreen Counselors, patients can access unbiased genetic counseling from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Board-certified counselors provide both pre- and post-test genetic counseling for a multitude of genetic tests including carrier, cancer, and pre-natal screenings, for hundreds of genetic conditions. Patients review the results of genetic tests with a counselor who can work closely with their provider to give insights into the meaning of their test results, identify other potential testing needs, and help make informed medical decisions for their own personal health and that of their family members.

About GeneScreen Counseling, LLC
GeneScreen Counseling, LLC was formed in 2013 to help patients make informed choices regarding their inherited risks or conditions. The company collaborates with multiple labs so patients can receive the most appropriate testing given their specific familial history and concerns. Handled with compassion, clients can be screened, counseled, and tested for hundreds of genetic conditions, including carrier screening, hereditary cancer screening, and prenatal screening. For more information, visit:

About Command Health
Command Health leads the industry in providing intuitive and efficient work platforms to simplify clinical data and back-office support functions for busy healthcare practices. The technology integrates with an array of systems and mobile devices and provides health data normalization and exchange, intelligent analytics and reporting, physician and patient engagement solutions, and 24/7 service and support. For more information, visit:

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