Former Stryker Sales Rep Loses Appeal of $750K Loss Over His Move to Rival Zimmer Biomet

Published: May 26, 2017

A former Stryker sales rep yesterday lost his appeal of a nearly $750,000 loss in a lawsuit over his move to rival Biomet (now Zimmer Biomet.

Stryker in 2013 sued Christopher Ridgeway and another sales agent, Richard Steitzer, accusing them of scheming to poach reps and business from Stryker in Louisiana and New York. Stryker fired Ridgeway in September 2013, after discovering that he was allegedly running a pair of medical supply businesses on the side. In June of that year, Stryker alleged, Biomet began courting Ridgeway, looking to bring his entire Stryker sales teams on board. Ridgeway also allegedly induced a 3rd Stryker employee, Sheldon Green, to jump ship for Biomet and forwarded Stryker’ Louisiana customer list to Green, according to the complaint.

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