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WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, July 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Family Office Networks announced today that it has partnered with Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS) to introduce its family office members to ABS's new platform, which is a paradigm shift in interventional cardiology.

The ABS platform is protected by 36 issued and 12 pending U.S. and international patents comprised of over 300 unique claims. Upon regulatory approval, the company expects that the ABS platform will become the "standard of care" in the $2.5 billion global bifurcation market. Cardiologists immediately recognize the ABS platform's ease-of-use, with the platform avoiding the mechanical and positioning problems associated with current procedures. The ABS platform reduces risk, improves patient outcomes, saves procedure and recovery times, and reduces healthcare costs.

"Coronary artery disease and heart attacks are leading causes of death in the United States and worldwide. One of the many challenges of non-surgical, catheter-based angioplasty is effective treatment of coronary artery disease at a bifurcation, where one artery branches into two smaller arteries. Plaque deposit at bifurcations is a major cause of poor angioplasty outcomes requiring long and repeated procedures as well as continued referral for open chest surgeries," said ABS Chief Executive Officer Charles Laverty. "In response to this challenge, we have disruptive technology for left main heart disease, stenting coronary arteries at their branch points."

ABS is in the process of obtaining regulatory approval in the United States and internationally.

"Since the coronary stent market is estimated to reach $10B by 2025 with bifurcation disease comprising about 25% of this market, ABS represents a great opportunity for family office investors who seek to make a real impact on the future of healthcare. We believe ABS is poised to capture a significant part of this $2.5B market as the only true and complete bifurcating stent delivery platform in the market," said Family Office Networks Founder Andrew Schneider.

For information on FON, please visit or contact Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO, at or 561-463-4300. For information on ABS, contact CEO Charles A. Laverty at 949-679-7888 or

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