Even If Donald Trump Changed The FDA Drug Approval Process, Patients Wouldn't Benefit

Published: Nov 29, 2016

As we begin to enter the era of the Trump presidency, a great deal of speculation is going on as to what changes our new President will or won’t make. Health care is certainly a major part of this discussion with all sorts of advice being offered from a variety of quarters. One example comes from Dr. Joseph V. Gulfo of Fairleigh Dickinson University. In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece entitled “A Trumpian Cure for the FDA’s Chronic Lethargy”, Dr. Gulfo has a couple of recommendations that Mr. Trump can make which Dr. Gulfo believes will help in the President-elect’s goal to cut red tape at the FDA and speed up the approval of life-saving medications. Most prominent is Dr. Gulfo’s desire to eliminate the FDA’s ability to “require approvals based on long-term health outcomes – a practice that dissuades development and increases the complexity, cost and duration of clinical trials.”

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