Embrace the Career You Deserve: Advice From WomenLed.org

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This article is a guest post for BioSpace, contributed by Gloria Martinez of WomenLed.org

Have you ever experienced a career epiphany but lacked the resolve to act on it? Don’t feel bad, especially if “acting on it” meant leaving a secure, albeit unfulfilling, job for a new career in a different industry. Most of us are conditioned to think in terms of career path and paying our dues, expecting that all those years of patience and sacrifice will yield some reward. Sometimes you have to see the writing on the wall and be willing to walk away from a dead-end situation to improve your life. If that describes your career status, this might be the year to change that situation and take control of your professional path.

Your own gig

Few things take more courage and vision than launching your own business. It’s the American dream, the ultimate achievement for someone who’s tired of being at the mercy of someone with a narrow view of what you should be doing. Starting your own business can be an intimidating prospect, but you can take heart in the knowledge that over the past 20 years the number of women-owned businesses has increased 114 percent, many of them started by women who had enough of working 10 hour days.

If you’d love to start a new business with tremendous growth potential, why not launch an e-commerce business? A dropshipping model can be a good way to dip your toe in the water, especially because of low overhead and no need to store inventory. With e-commerce, you can expect to be successful if you offer a unique product and outstanding, responsive customer service. You’ll operate and interface with customers through a website portal, so make sure it’s an intuitive, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly site.

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It’s not too late, you’re not too old

It’s never too late to do something that excites you. If you’re a woman in your 40s or 50s, you have a wealth of experience and ability just waiting to be tapped. Embrace what you know and accept that your ideas are well-informed and a product of everything you’ve learned over the years. You are the embodiment of a lifetime of ideas, experiences and innovation. Succeeding on your own terms means taking all of that knowledge and all those good instincts and bringing them to life in a business concept or new career.

Don’t separate the personal from the professional

You’ve probably heard at some point that it’s necessary to separate your personal life from your professional self, as if you could somehow separate who you are at home from the person you are 40 hours or more every week. Being yourself is how you innovate, see things differently, and visualize a better future. Individualism equals creativity, so don’t be afraid to let your personality show through. When you have a vision and objectives that are extensions of yourself, you’ll be on the road to making a career for yourself, one that makes you happy and motivated.  

What’s your motivation?

Why do some people want to make a career change even when they have a secure, well-paying job? There are many reasons. Some want out of a high-stress environment they find degrading and damaging to their self-esteem. Others just want to try something new, even if it’s not as lucrative as the career they’ve always known. Still others have a passion, an abiding interest they just can’t get out of their head. Whatever your motivation, listen to the voice in your head. It might be time to take the leap you’ve been considering.

Sharpen your resume

If you’re intent on beginning a new career, you’ll need a concise yet informative and appealing resume that reflects your experience. If you haven’t been keeping it up to date, you’ll likely need to give your resume a refresh. If you need help, check out an online resume template, which can give you some professional designs to help your resume stand out. An eye-grabbing resume can be a tremendous advantage for someone looking to make a fresh start in a new field.

This year, resolve to make a difference in your professional life by taking advantage of your talents. Even if you’ve worked in a job for years that’s made you unhappy, there’s no reason to sell yourself short. You have every right to be happy and live out your dreams.

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