Domus Diagnostics Announces Prototype SARS-COV-2 Diagnostic Test

April 20, 2022 12:00 UTC

Emerging from stealth after raising $1.5m in seed funding, Domus develops testing innovations to address inequities


PARK CITY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Domus Diagnostics, a US based point of care diagnostics company, announced that it has exited stealth mode and will begin clinical testing of its COVID-19 testing platform that could significantly address the global need for accessible, rapid, Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT) that can be used by an unskilled user anywhere in the world without the need for an instrument or electricity.

Domus Diagnostics’ reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) test is intended to provide affordable, user-friendly, accurate and effective infectious disease detection to the general public. Initially, the test will be submitted for approval through the World Health Organization so that the test can be provided to governments and public health organizations in developing countries at cost to address their need for accessible COVID-19 testing. Because the Domus platform can detect multiple targets from one sample, Domus will seek FDA authorization for a multiplex test for COVID-19 and seasonal flu after clinical trials have been completed.

The Domus test uses a simple process in which the person collects a nasal swab specimen from each nostril, inserts a collection chamber into a card, and waits 30 minutes for the result. The Domus test, which can achieve testing accuracy on par with a PCR test, doesn’t require instrumentation, electricity, or cold chain logistics. NAATs like Domus can detect COVID-19 earlier than widely available, at-home antigen tests, which are more effective when a person is contagious. Domus Diagnostics’ goal is to produce a test that can be manufactured anywhere and sold at a price that is lower than what antigen tests are currently sold for in the US.

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths have receded in the United States this spring, but public health officials continue to monitor for possible surges of the BA.2 variant, which is currently being seen in the US, Europe, and China. Many countries, especially those with lower incomes and fragile health systems, remain vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks. At-home tests offering PCR-like accuracy are oftentimes unaffordable for many low-income households when faced with having to purchase multiple test kits for use over multiple days.

“Inequities in vaccine and testing availability are one of the main reasons that we see significant disparities in outcomes between countries and between people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds,” said Paul Chapman, president and CEO of Domus Diagnostics. “Domus’ vision is to provide a simple to use, highly accurate test that can be produced affordably at scale. Our talented team of scientists and engineers have developed a truly innovative NAAT testing solution that can finally address those testing gaps that have existed for decades between the developing world and the West. This impact, we hope, will extend far beyond the current crisis and will enable better global preparedness for future pandemics.”

Domus Diagnostics was spun out of Duke University in early 2021 by Professor John Reif (Non-Executive Director), Dr. Harald Stock (Executive Chair, Board of Directors), Dr. Xin Song (Chief Scientific Officer - designate). With roots now in Utah and Massachusetts, along with Duke University being a testing ground for products to come, Domus is prepared to lead the way toward the future of infectious disease testing.

After raising $1.5M in its seed funding round, Domus is now lining up strategic partners and potential investors as they prepare to scale the platform after clinical validation is achieved.

Explaining FIND’s 100 Days Mission, Dr. Bill Rodriguez, CEO of FIND, wrote, “COVID-19 taught the world some harsh lessons about being unprepared. We now have an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and prevent another global health catastrophe. The key is stronger, more resilient health systems. Ensuring we are ready to respond effectively to a new threat within 100 days is ambitious, but achievable – and essential if we are to prevent a future pandemic.”

The Domus Diagnostics menu of tests can be expanded to detect other viruses, bacteria or fungi in the hopes of making point-of-care tests for other infectious diseases accessible in locations such as schools, airports, workplaces and home so that we can get the answers we need anywhere to prevent the spread.

About Domus Diagnostics

The Domus team believes in a world where everyone has access to the health care they need to thrive, and where governments and public health organizations around the world have the tools they need to address large-scale infectious disease scenarios head-on. We seek to create tests for infectious diseases that are affordable, user-friendly, accurate, and rapid enough to address the needs raised by current and future public health crises. Learn more at


Deanna Meservey
Matter Communications for Domus Diagnostics


Source: Domus Diagnostics

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