DNA Sequencing Market | What will be the Future of Market in 2029?

Since the last decade, technologies and techniques for rapid sequencing of human genomes have made incredible strides. The advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies—sensors and tools—has opened up a vast area of research in human biology, human diseases, and treatment responses in animals. In particular, stakeholders in the DNA sequencing market with the help of newly-commercialized technologies have been able to unearth vast amount of information on genetic and genomic factors underlying diseases.

Over the years, exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing have established their role in clinical applications in population studies. A case in point is the diagnostic application of DNA sequencing in oncology research. Further, advances in DNA sequencing market have helped paved way to understanding the pathogenetic mechanisms of complex diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases. Also, strides in the DNA sequencing market is one of the key accelerators of research of numerous rare diseases.

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DNA Sequencing Market: Key Trends

The emergence of new technologies has considerably reduced the cost of new generation sequencing (NGS), opening new vistas in biochemistry and molecular genetics. One of the key trends opening new application area in the DNA sequencing market is the growing use of sensors, increasingly assisted by incredible strides made in nanotechnology and computing. The adoption of NGS has led to massive parallelization of the sequencing process, enabling researchers to read millions of sequences simultaneously.

The DNA sequencing market has witnessed a rapid growth momentum on the back of the adoption of next generation sequencing platforms. Over the years, chip-based genotyping approaches have become increasingly attracted and have been combined with some of the first few generations of sequencing technologies. Further, the market has seen new application areas due to the adoption of NSG for studying cancer genomes in all their variation. In recent years, researchers have shown vast interest in harnessing the potential of third generation of DNA sequencing in diagnosis and therapeutics of cancer. For instance, the use of these technologies for detecting pharmogenetic variants has gathered steam among industry players. The advent of microarray platforms is also a promising development in the DNA sequencing market.

DNA Sequencing Market: Competitive Dynamics

In recent years, industry players and academia have been leaning on leveraging the potential of DNA sequencing platforms in massive human genome studies. Aspiring players are also keen on overcoming the challenges of understand DNA sequence variants related to human diseases. Some industry players are also increasing their bets on single molecule real-time sequencing (SMRT) in a bid to adopt the recent array of DNA sequencing methodologies. A case in point is Pac Bio sequencing.

Some of the lifesciences companies are trying to unlock new potential of NSG in cardiovascular diseases, apart from cancer, in order to gain a competitive edge over others in the DNA sequencing market. Some of the players have recently started breaking the norm. They are providing sequencing service that exceeds the expectation of end users. A case in point is Complete Genomics, Inc. Some of the top players are also eyeing opportunities in the analysis of high-throughput sequence data.

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DNA Sequencing Market: Regional Assessment

The DNA sequencing market has seen vast strides in North America and Europe. A growing body of ambitious projects pertaining to NGS is a key trend broadening the canvas for stakeholders in the market. Further, numerous countries in the region have seen players forking out dollars in human genome project aimed toward studying human diseases, particularly cancer and rare diseases. The vast appetite for a wide variety of next generation sequencing technologies has unlocked new potential in countries such as the U.S. Players in these regional market are also keen on adopting new approaches, increasing the role of these markets in the global landscape.


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