CytoDyn Turns Pink With Continued Quarterly Reporting To Ensure Liquidity

SANTA FE, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Because of a medical emergency and other unforeseen circumstances, CytoDyn, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CYDY) was late filing a 10-QSB for the first time. The policy of NASD is to require an issuer with a first late filing that has since become current to wait for the processing of a new Form 211 before that issuer is again quoted on the Bulletin Board. Previously, the Company waited five months for the Form 211 to be processed by NASD and might have had to wait even longer if the Company had not been prepared to litigate. As a consequence, CYDY will move from the Bulletin Board to the Pink Sheets on December 11, 2006 with a right of appeal. Although the actual policy of NASD appears to deviate from the stated policy (Rule 6530), CytoDyn, Inc., in consultation with its Audit Committee, affiliates, and others, has decided not to appeal for the following reasons:

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