curasan AG Release: Cerasorb(R} Provides Ideal Substrate For Embryonic Stem Cells

Kleinostheim, Germany, June 8th, 2009 – curasan AG has developed an ideal substrate for use in embryonic stem cell research, namely Cerasorb® M. “Cerasorb® M has outstanding usability for tissue engineering and is therefore of great interest for stem cell research”, comments Hans Dieter Rössler, CEO of curasan AG, and continues: “The outstanding characteristics of Cerasorb® M with regard to colonisation using various cell types, including stem cells, have been demonstrated in numerous studies.”

The high phase purity of Cerasorb® M (over 99 percent) is the primary reason for its successful study results: intensive research at the curasan AG R&D department in recent years has led to the development of very pure beta-tricalcium phosphate, which is marketed under the brand name Cerasorb® and which was originally intended as a material for synthetic bone augmentation. “We are now tapping into new areas of innovation by using Cerasorb® M for tissue regeneration and as a substrate for cell cultivation”, states Hans Dieter Rössler.

Due to its special surface structure, Cerasorb® M is ideally suited for the settlement of cell cultures. By colonising Cerasorb® M with human osteoblast cells, tissue structures are created that remain stable in their cell culture for many weeks and which can be reproducibly preserved with modern cooling technology. Due to its synthetic method of production with high temperatures, the beta-tricalcium phosphate is free of any impurities. This means that material-related infection and allergy risks are completely avoided when treating patients.

“As the properties of the substrate being used constitute a crucial factor in the establishment of cell cultures, Cerasorb® M could play an increasingly important role in this area in the future”, explains Hans Dieter Rössler. “Just recently, the US President Barack Obama gave the green light for embryonic stem cell research to be given state funding, which will open up new avenues in Germany and Europe as well.“

Due to their pluripotent characteristics, embryonic stem cells can develop into a wide range of somatic cells. This fact may allow the development of cultured cells that can be used to combat incurable diseases or as replacements for failed organs or defective cells. “This is why we too are directing our attention to this promising area of research”, concludes Hans Dieter Rössler.

Background information about curasan AG:

curasan AG is publicly traded (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8) and is one of the leading firms in the field of bone and tissue regeneration. In addition to the synthetic Cerasorb® bone regeneration material, the company has developed a future-oriented product pipeline. The goal during the next few years is to bring further medical products to market readiness and to market them via well-positioned contractual partners in various submarkets.

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