curasan AG Now Sells Bone Regeneration Material in Injectable Form

Kleinostheim, 05.12.2012 - curasan AG, listed on the General Standard (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8), has introduced its new bone regeneration material CERASORB® Ortho Paste to the German and European markets at the beginning of December.

CERASORB® Ortho Paste is comprised of fine granules of the proven, fully resorbable, synthetic material CERASORB® M Ortho suspended in a hyaluronic acid hydrogel-matrix. The paste-like product has the advantage that it is pre-packaged in a single-use syringe and does not require any mixing or complicated preparation in order to be applied to the bone defect.

The paste serves as a place holder in the defect and provides ideal conditions for the ingrowth of blood vessels. At the same time, the hydrogel structure of the hyaluronic acid supports the metabolism for new bone generation. In this way new bone grows at the interface with the surrounding healthy bone as the CERASORB® Ortho Paste is resorbed.

The new product, for which a patent has been filed, is expected to be used mainly for filling smaller defects, for example in hand and foot surgery, for smaller bone cysts, for filling of spinal cages, and for minimally invasive sinus lift procedures.

"From the side of the orthopedic and trauma surgeons, there is a strong interest in simple and easy to use materials, particularly for difficult to reach defects", commented Hans-Dieter Rössler, CEO of curasan AG. "We can now fulfill this wish with our latest development."

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