curasan AG: Cooperation Agreement With Matricel GmbH For New Product Line

Kleinostheim, Germany, 25th May 2010 – curasan AG, listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8), has concluded a contract with Matricel GmbH, Herzogenrath, which secures exclusive rights for both companies over a jointly developed new product line. As manufacturer, Matricel GmbH will supply curasan AG, which in turn holds the marketing rights.

In contrast to the bone augmentation material Cerasorb®, which is composed of pure beta-tricalcium phosphate, the new products are composite materials; i.e. they consist of a combination of Cerasorb® with collagen. With this, alongside the current Cerasorb® granulates and moulded parts, new forms of application are being created, which simplify handling for surgeons and implantologists. Cerasorb® and collagen are completely remodelable in autogenous bone.

The highly purified collagen is obtained by means of a proprietary processing method and is combined with curasan's bioceramics. The composite sponges, which become elastic and absorbent in contact with fluid, are manufactured in various sizes. Their open pore structure permits rapid and deep ingrowth of osteocytes and, thereby, a stable bone remodeling of the implant.

“The combination of our proven, synthetic Cerasorb® ceramic material together with the biological properties of collagen, results in a product line that is a component part of our announced product offensive”, states Hans Dieter Rössler, CEO of curasan AG. “At present we are collecting the data for certification by the notified body. If the approval process goes according to plan, sales can provisionally start during the first half of 2011.”

Background information about curasan AG:

Exchange listed curasan AG (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8) is one of the leading firms in the field of regenerative medicine especially in bone and tissue regeneration. In addition to the synthetic Cerasorb® bone substitution and regeneration material, the company has developed a future-oriented product pipeline. The goal during the next few years is to have further medical products ready for market rollout via well-positioned contractual partners in various market segments.

Background information on Matricel GmbH:

Matricel GmbH, Herzogenrath, develops and produces innovative medical devices and starting materials for pharmaceuticals for use in medicine and biotechnology. The main products are class III medical devices produced from collagen, which find application as implants in different fields of regenerative medicine.

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