Colorado's Biotech Jobs Rise In Downturn

Published: Sep 15, 2004

When Jeffrey Nathanson founded BioLogixcs five years ago, he had no way of knowing his fledgling biotech company would represent an important trend in Colorado's economy. "We're flirting with break- even," Nathanson said of his company, which supplies organic farmers with natural pesticides and, as he puts it, "good insects that eat bad insects." Meanwhile, the company has grown from one to five employees between Colorado and a farm in Oregon. BioLogixcs illustrates an encouraging piece of news that will be released today by Colorado's Office of Economic Development: Jobs in Colorado's fledgling biosciences industry creeped upward by 1 percent between 2002 and 2003, even as the dot-com industry continued its implosion and total jobs shrank by 1.7 percent across the state, according to Colorado's Department of Labor.

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