Circassia Pharmaceuticals Receives Innovative Technology Supplier of the Year Award from Vizient

June 13, 2019 – (MORRISVILLE, NC) – Circassia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Circassia” or “the Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on respiratory disease, today announced that it has been awarded the “Innovative Technology Supplier of the Year” award by Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. The award was presented at the 2019 Vizient Connections Business Summit in Las Vegas.

The award honors Circassia as a supplier whose NIOX® technology has advanced patient care, advanced patient safety and health care worker safety, and delivered solutions that drive incremental improvement to an organization's care or business model.

“At Circassia, we strive to provide excellent products and high-quality service to all of our customers, every day. It is gratifying to be formally recognized by Vizient for delivering our innovative NIOX technology alongside exceptional customer service to their members, as a measure of our commitment to the customers, healthcare providers and ultimately patients who benefit from our products,” said David Acheson, SVP, US Commercial, Circassia. “We are proud to serve Vizient’s diverse membership and customer base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers, and look forward to setting the standard in 2019.”

“We are pleased to recognize Circassia as our supplier of the year for Innovative Technology. This award reflects their commitment to collaboration and service excellence that helps Vizient’s members meet their goals for supply chain efficiency and cost management,” said Jody Hatcher, president, supply chain services for Vizient.

Circassia announced in February 2018 that it had received a multi-year Innovative Technology contract for its NIOX asthma management products from Vizient. The contract was based on the recommendation of hospital experts with expertise in this category who serve on one of Vizient’s member-led councils. Innovative Technology contracts are reserved for technologies that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care or patient safety, and those that improve an organization’s care delivery and business model.

“Over the first year of Circassia’s Innovative Technology contract with Vizient, our integrated contracting/hospital team, in-house customer service team, and field sales force have built a collaborative relationship with Vizient members to expand asthma care options for the estimated 25 million Americans living with asthma,” said Suzanne Monahan, Vice President, NIOX Business Unit at Circassia. “The Innovative Technology Supplier of the Year Award is a meaningful way to recognize the hard-working teams at Circassia who keep patients at the forefront of our business.”

Circassia’s NIOX products are used to assist asthma diagnosis and management, and are indicated in the United States for use in those aged 7 years and older. NIOX is based on the discovery that patients with allergic/eosinophilic (Th2/type 2 driven) airway inflammation, the major underlying cause of asthma, generally have higher than normal levels of nitric oxide in their exhaled breath. By measuring the concentration of this fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), NIOX enables clinicians to evaluate airway inflammation in patients with underlying asthma, aiding diagnosis and helping guide treatment and reduce exacerbations.

About Circassia Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Circassia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is part of the Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc group. Circassia is a world-class specialty pharmaceutical business focused on respiratory disease. Circassia sells its market-leading NIOX asthma management products directly to specialists in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Germany, and in a wide range of other countries through its network of partners. In the United States, Circassia has a commercial collaboration with AstraZeneca in which it has the commercial rights to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatments TUDORZA® PRESSAIR® and DUAKLIR® PRESSAIR®. Circassia also has the commercial rights to the late-state ventilator-compatible nitric oxide product AirNOvent in the United States and China. For more information please visit, or follow us on Twitter [@CircassiaUSA] and LinkedIn [CircassiaUSA].

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